The Nervous Game~ Tadashi/Hiro x Reader

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Your P.O.V

"Agh!!! So boring! What can I do?" You thought. The house is alone, your parents are in N.Y fixing some company's problems. You were laying in the floor of the living room staring at the nothing with your phone in hand, until you recieved a text.

Tadashi: What are you doing? :)

You: Nothing, bored :/ Wanna come over?

Tadashi: Of course! Can I bring Hiro?

You: Yes!! More people, more fun! (I just invented that :)

Tadashi: Will be there in a minute

You didn't answer back, and as time passed, you heard a soft knock in the door. "Come in" You said without standing up from the cold floor. A tall figure opened the door and a small entered too. Hiro and Tadashi.

"Ummm, (Y/N) what are you doing in the floor?" Hiro asked looking at you with a confused face. You just shrugged, Tadashi extended his hand which you took and he helped you up.

"Hey, I was thinking about playing a game!" Hiro said excitled, you smiled at him.

"Well, I might go for some snacks" You said walking to the kitchen.

Tadashi P.O.V

"You think it will work?" I asked looking at Hiro, he just nodded smiling. I sighed, well let's have some fun. Why not? ;)

Your P.O.V

You walked out of the kitchen with 3 can of sodas and a BIG bag of chips, you laid them in the little coffe table you had.

"Well what is about the game you were talking about?" You asked sitting in a cushion in the floor infront of Tadashi and Hiro who were as well in a cushion in the floor. "It's called the nervous game" Hiro said smiling widely.

"And?" Tadashi asked. " Well, this is a game where one person puts their hand on different parts of anothers persons body-starting at their head and moving down the rest of their body- asking "are you nervous?". You stop when the other person says yes. If you get lucky they'll never get nervous and you'll have much more fun. Now let's put a little twist in this, if you get nervous the person has to take off a part of their clothing" Hiro said smiling.

"Okay, let's get over it" Tadashi said.

"Tasdashi you go first" I said looking at him, he nodded and he put his hand in Hiro's thigh, just a little below where his crotch is. "Nervous?" Tadashi said smirking and Hiro gulped.

"N-no" Hiro maneged to get out. You fangirled inside, you kinda ship them together. "My turn" Hiro said and he placed a hand is your chest a little up from where your breasts were. WHAT?!

You screamed mentally. You shook your head. "My turn" I said and I place my hand in the same place Hiro's hand was but in Tadashi's chest. He shook his head.

(...) (A/N: Sorry I really don't have idea what to put :/)

The game was getting really intesresting at that point, Hiro was shirtless, Tasdashi was too as well he had his cap off and while you were also shirltess and you were blushing so hard because you were left in bra in front of them. Also you noticed, that inbetween the game Tadashi and Hiro stole a glance of your full breasts. But you were also glancing at the Hamada's brothers abs once a while. You were mentally drooling over them but you stopped when Tadashi was calling your name.

"(Y/N)!" You were interrupted in your sexy thoughts. "It's Tadashi's turn" In a blink of eye, Tadashi placed his hand over your left breast making you gasp and mentally fangirled, OMG! TADASHI JUST LITERALLY GRABBED MY BREAST!! You screamed in your head, you gulped down. "Nervous?" Tadashi asked smirking once again. You tried to said 'No' but nothing came instead you just nodded. WHAT?! WHY DID I NODDED?! I'M SO STUPID! NOW I HAVE TO REMOVE MY SHORTS!! The Hamada brothers smirked. You slowly stand up and remove your shorts revealing your (F/C) (A/N: Favorite color) panties which matched with your bra that you were wearing. The brothers gulped down.

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