Wings of Freedom

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Y/n >>>>>
I was called to Levi's office. As I walked to Levi's office, I wondered why I was being called there. I knocked on the hard, wooden door. The door opened, and behind it was Levi.

"Congratulations, Cadet y/n. You've been accepted into the Scout Regiment." Levi explained.

"Really?!" I exclaimed with wide eyes.

He handed me a green cape. On the back of it was a white wing and a black wing. The wings of freedom?!

"Thank you, sir!" I said with a bow.

I tried to put in on. Huh? Why can't I put this on? I heard Levi sigh.

"Like this, idiot." He insisted before helping me put it on.

Our hands accidentally touched for a moment. I flinched and took a breath in.

"U-um! I-I'll be leaving now!" I stammered before leaving his office.

An hour later, was lunch. I hurried off to lunch. Bread. All I could think of at the moment was bread. I grabbed a piece of bread and soup. Then, I sat at the table with my friends.

"Hey y/n!" Sasha called.

I turned to look at the cheerful red head known as Potato Girl. Me and her are such close friends.

"Hey Sasha!" I called back as I waved.

She was on cleaning duty tomorrow, and so was I.

"Hey y/n, do you like anyone?" Eren asked.

Immediately, an image of Levi flew into my mind, and I turned red.

"N-no!" I mumbled looking at my food.

Why would he like me? I'm weak. Whenever I'm out fighting titans, I'm always crying.

"Hey y/n? Are you okay?" Eren asked.

Everyone was staring at me. I put a hand to my cheek. I'm... crying?

"I just have something in my eyes." I said before standing up.

"Y/n, are you sure you're okay?" Mikasa asked.

I nodded.

"Yeah... I... Don't feel like eating anymore. Bye guys." I insisted before getting up.

"Look what you did, Eren." Jean said.

They started to fight. Those two always fight. I thought of Levi again and shook my head. That's not what's important right now.

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