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Virgo sat on the floor staring at the blood stain for about an hour now, it was cold down here, very cold. Virgo then heard whistling and footsteps, the wolf was back to check on them.

He opened the door and walked in closing it behind him, he sat on the floor in front of Virgo, Virgo was scared, annoyed to admit it but he was.

" Hello, would you like to play a game, how about tag? Hide and seek?" Asked the wolf.

Virgo continued to stare at the floor and didn't respond.

" No? I have an idea, I brought you some cookies, I bet you couldn't guess who made them," said the wolf but Virgo again didn't respond.

" So you won't answer? Fine, your friend Scorpio made them," said the wolf and at that Virgo looked up, he was relieved that Scorpio was alive but not sure if that was a good thing or not.

" Still no answer? I believe I'll have to teach you a lesson," said the wolf getting up, he grabbed one of the twin girls by the hair and Virgo got up immediately as the wolf put the knife to her neck.

" No stop! Please!" Pleaded Virgo.

" Ah so this is the only way you'll talk? Very well," the wolf threw down the girl but before Virgo could move the wolf grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room making sure to lock the door behind him.

He brought Virgo down some stairs where it was even colder and he opened a metal door to an icy room.

" W-what is this?"

" Why don't you find out?" Suggested the wolf gesturing to what looked like body bags.

Virgo ignored the smell and opened the bag, he jumped back as he saw a few organs. Blood leaked out of the bag and the wolf pushed Virgo down.

" You idiot! You simply can't waste things like this, now I have a job for you, and if you don't do it those two little girls in there die next," said the wolf and Virgo nodded wanting to throw up.

" I need you to organize the organs a bit, you know put the hearts on one pile and etc," said the wolf, Virgo tried to calm down but he was shaking and his head felt dizzy, he resisted the urge to throw up.

" Have fun," and with that the wolf left Virgo to his task. Virgo threw up in the corner and tears streamed down his face, he made a decision right then and there and he would not do this.

However everyone must be punished for not doing their chores and Virgo was about to be disciplined...


Cancer had been terrified after the wolf put the knife to her neck but he had disappeared right after and she had kept walking for hours, the hallway sure was long. Every mirror showed her terrifying images Cancer had no where else to go so she kept walking hoping to find the end soon.

But the end was never coming and as she walked on it started to get so dark that she didn't notice as she bumped into something. Something that screamed.

But Cancer recognized that voice, " Elena?"

" Cancer!" Elena hugged Cancer, apparently the two had been wandering down the halls for hours but on opposite ends.

" Wait but if there's no way to escape on your side or my side then how did-

Cancer suddenly stopped talking, she heard a noise, a sword dragging on the concrete floor.

Before Cancer could say anything and make noise Elena put an hand on her mouth and the two girls listened carefully and started to back up slowly as the noise came closer.

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