Chapter 1

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I take my chance and stab the hunter in the back, watching the black blood ooze out. I wipe my dagger clean and smile at my work. I engrave the words 'Death has come' in the hunters back as i always do to my opponents, just for the fun of it. I love watching the polices blood drain from their faces as they read the unknown message trying to figure what it means. To me, it means, 'I have come'. Muwahaha. I walk back to my violet Lambo, and slip inside. My car is like my secret weapons room. In the back, i have all my weapons stacked, such as, bows and arrows, guns of differents sorts and sizes, knifes, blades, daggers etc. Every weapon you could name. I close the door behind me and tuck my dagger in my black boot. Right now, i am wearing my black costum that i always wear when i go hunting my enemies. I don't bother covering my face because i always look innocent with my dirty blonde hair and excotic green eyes, wherever i go. Driving out of the woods, I notice a black car following me. Uggh. As always. There has to be at least one person to get on my nerves. I press the brakes and jump out, slamming the door behind. Adrian does the same. He is one of my close friends that knows me more than I do myself.

"Adrian. What the hell were you doing, following me? I was gonna attack you! I thought you were one of my hunters!"

"Mer, calm down! Don't tell me you still don't know that i am the one who owns a black, Mercades. Seriously, though."

" Look, right now i'm in a hurry, so whatever you have got to tell me, please hurry."

"Ok, ok. I decided that you should move to America because.....well, i guess i found a house for you there, in the woods, and......there IS a high school there you could attend. I know your parents death still haunts you in that same house, so it might help....." I feel so happy that i randomly throw my arms around him.

"Oh, god. Thanks SO much, Adrian! Your the BEST! I've always wanted to go to America. Diseny World, and all...." I squeal with excitement, and batter my eyelashes dreamily.

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