A/N: Finally an update lol I am so sorry for making you guys wait forever; blame Zayn ;) Okay so this chapter is a lil differant, its the first time we have Perrie's POV and also the first time we have a flashback so I hope you enjoy. If you didn't read my last author's note: I'll be doing a Q&A at the end so keep the questions coming. love you all xx #zayngirlforever

Louis' POV

"Hi" she seemed about as chirpy as a frog.
"You alright love?"
"Uhm, d'you want some coffee?"
"I don't drink coffee"
"Black, two sugars"
"Okay then"
I went into the kitchen where Priya was, to make the tea.
"Uh babe, is your sister alright?"
"No, but I have no idea what's going on with her. She's been out of it all morning"
"And you didn't ask her about it?" What was going on in this house?
"If she wanted to talk she would" she shrugged taking a bite of her samosa which was left over from the party.
"Babe?" I gawked.
"Okay, the truth is I just thought she was still annoyed at me from yesterday, but if she's being weird to you then something's definitely wrong"
"You think she'll talk to me?"
I was genuinely concerned; like I said before, Gia's like my younger sister.
"Since when did you become Dr Phil?" she teased bumping me.
"Hey now, watch it I have hot tea" I reached out and grabbed her hand as she was walking away. I pulled her close and planted her soft kiss on her lips.
"No smooching in the kitchen!" Gia called out.
"Ooh it's getting steamy" I teased actually referring to her tea, but she didn't laugh or even have a comeback; quite unlike herself. I handed her the tea and then sat down on the couch beside her.
"Okay Gia, what's up"
"Zayn kissed me last night" she took a sip of her tea.
"He did what?!"

Gia's POV

I related the whole story to Louis and he listened intentleh. For someone who was such a jokester, he could be serious if need be. I didn't know why buh for some reason I felt comfortable to leht him in. Well, he was my soon to be brother-in-law.
"So what are you gonna do?" he asked enthusiastically. Priya had disappeared a little while ago and honestleh I didn't mind at all.
"I don't know Tommo, goht aneh ideas?"
"A few actually" he winked and I chuckled.
"I'm noht soh sure I wanna hear 'em" I teased.
"No really, I actually do have an idea"
"Alright shoot"
"But you must really want to get back together with Zayn"
"Would I be in this state if I didn't?"
"Good point"

Zayn's POV

"Soh you think she uhm likes meh?"
"I think she LIKE likes you, she's just waiting for you to make a move"
"You sure?"
I was talking to Perrie's best girlfriend/roommate Jessie, who seemed to think thah Pez had a thing for meh, honestleh ah didn't know whah to think.

"Soh...you think she wouldn't object to catchin a moveh with meh?" I was trying to be casual about it buh apparentleh Jessie was even more crehzy than Pez.
"OMG!! You're gonna ask her out!!!" she was like literalleh jompin up and down.
"Jes calm down its noht-
"I knew you liked her I JUST KNEW IT oh my GoSH this is so EXCITING!!!!!"
"When are you gonna ask her out?!"
"OMG OMG OMG I just cannn't!"
"I'm noht askin her on a deht" sighed.
"You're NOT?!" she gawked at meh like ah had a mental disorder or something.
"No, I just wanted to know if she'll be free to hangout tomorrow"
"But it's not a date?"
"Nope" I shook my head.
"So you came all the way to our dorm to ask that?" she seemed confused out of her mind.
"I had a lecture like across the road, plus ah thought Perrie would be here, soh yeah" I shrugged.
"Then why did you ask if she liked you?"
"Uhm ah didn't, you just kinda blurted thah out" I reminded.
"Oh yeah I did didn't I?"
"Yeah" I chuckled. This girl was crehzy with a capital Z.
"Well maybe you should just text her" she huffed folding her arms, apparentleh she was suddenleh annoyed at meh for some reason.
"Uh yeah mehbe I will" I scratched the back of my neck.
"Bye Zayn"
"Bye-" and just like thah the door was shut in mah fehs.

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