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Description: Jungwoo and Mark offer to spend the night with Yuta and everything goes well until Yuta accidentally messes up which results into him feeling very sad and the other two comforting him.

"Jungwooo? Jungwooooo? I need help with something. Can you please come to my room for a second?"

Jungwoo was currently watching a show with Taeyong about how aquariums are made since he had promised his hyung that he was going to watch it with him earlier.

Once he heard Yuta calling for him he apologised to Taeyong as he excused himself out of the room and went over to Yuta's room, wondering what the Japanese needed from him.

"Yes hyung? What is it? Do you need help with something?" Jungwoo was one of Yuta's main helpers, helping him out with tasks he couldn't do on his own because he loved him so much.

All of the members were actually always making sure they are taking good care of Yuta because they knew how clumsy he was and they didn't want him to get in danger.

"I can't reach my uhh.. my manga.. Jaehyun borrowed it from me yesterday and when he returned it he must've put it up on the top shelf but I am way too short so I can't reach it.."

Jungwoo chuckled as he noticed that the manga was in fact sitting right there on the edge of the top shelf. He found it extremely cute how tiny Yuta was so he squished his cheeks really quickly before he actually helped him get his manga back.

Once the younger handed it to Yuta his eyes widened as he made the biggest smile ever. The Japanese really wanted to read his manga so finally having it back felt like a dream to him.

"Thank you Jungwoo! Hehe I can finally read it too!" Yuta then waddled to his bed and plopped on it, immediately opening the manga and looking at it like a little kid looking at a chocolate bar.

"Hyung.. you're so cute.." Jungwoo smiled as he sat next to Yuta and carefully started braiding his soft long hair. The younger was aware that Yuta absolutely adored people playing with his hair so he would often do it to him, seeing how it makes him feel relaxed.

"Noooo.. I am not cute. Jungwoo is cuter. Mark too." Yuta mumbled quietly while he was currently checking out the illustrations on the page he had already read.

"Me and Mark think you're the cutest. Just accept it hyung. You are very cute without even trying and most of us have to try in order to be cute."

"Hmm.. I don't know. I think Mark and Jungwoo are naturally cute. Taeyong too but don't tell him I said that."

Jungwoo chuckled once again as he booped Yuta's nose and watched his reaction. It wasn't news to anyone that all the members liked babying Yuta especially since last year. He just looked so innocent to them and the members also knew that Yuta has been feeling a bit sad lately so they were always trying their best to make him feel loved.

"Yuta hyung? Do you want to do something after you finish the manga? Me and Mark were thinking about having a pyjama party. You can join us if you want."

"Hmm? Pyjama party? I uhh.. I don't know. I am a light sleeper so I don't know if I will be able to fall asleep if I am with You two. You tend to be a bit energetic sometimes and You both know I am not the energetic type. I also struggle to fall asleep everywhere where is not my room.."

"That's totally okay, hyung. We can do the pyjama party in your room if you want. We will just bring our sleeping bags we have from our camping and we won't make much noise. I promise that it will be very fun! You'll see!"

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