The Jack-In-The-Box

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So since yesterday's math homework was on page (three sixes in a row), my teacher brought out a jack-in-a-box. It had clowns on the outside, and a boy in our class was scared at that. She brought him to the front, and started cranking the box. She brought it over to the boy who was at the front now. The box said, "come closer, I have a secret" over and over again in a horrifying voice. A terrifying clown popped out, and the boy jumped backwards in his seat. "I hit myself with my pencil," he complained. Everyone else was saying, "it's only a clown, my gosh," and he replied, "THAT WAS TRAUMATIZING!" The teacher said, "you can go back to your seat now, because I only needed you for that.
The whole class was laughing, even the scared one. It was great.

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