Lola's POV
The pack slut stood in the doorway all 'high and mighty'. "Well well well, it's the sad bitch Lola. Didn't the new pack want you anymore?" She said in her high squeaky voice.

Her eyes then landed on Cole and lust overtook her, she pulled down her shirt to show her non existent boobs. And started slowly walking towards us. "I think that this hottie should meet me upstairs so that we can have some fun" she placed her hands on his chest.

I saw red.

'Is that bitch actually trying to steal our mate?!' Darkness asks me
'Ooh don't worry Darkness she isn't taking my man'

I push her away from him "That's my mate you're talking to so back the fuck up" I spit, disgust laced in my voice. "He chose you?! Ha! I'll fight you to get him." She challenged me obviously thinking she'd win. I smirked at her and looked up at Cole, I pulled him in for a heated and passionate kiss "Bring it on Bri-Bri and make sure the whole pack is there to see me beat your ass" she gives me a glare and struts out the room, swaying her 'hips'. Ha! She doesn't have any.

"Princess don't hurt her too much" Cole tells me worriedly. I look up at him and smile "Hun I'm pregnant I can't shift so I'll have to fight like this, that gives her a great chance to win" he rubs my bump.
"Don't hurt my pups Lola" he says sternly.

"Lola!" Aaron runs towards me and picks me up "Aaron I can't believe it's you" I giggle and he kisses me all over the face "I love you so much Lola!" Cole rips me out of Aaron's arms and keeps me in his arms
"Stay the fuck away my Mate!" He angrily says and Aaron just laughs.
"You think I like Lola? Oh no! Defiantly no" he continues to laugh and Coles just confused. I take myself out of Coles arms and go to Aaron. I kiss Aaron's cheek and jealousy flashed through Coles eyes. I giggle slightly and wrap my arms around Aaron.

"Aaron is my brother Cole"

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