Tutor Punz

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Punz being your tutor, you two would sit in a quiet corner in the library to study. Punz always rewarded you for getting questions right, and the rewards were things like little kisses, or maybe he would squeeze your thigh to show he was proud of you.

Today seemed to be no different than the others, except you noticed Punz was in a certain type of mood today. You couldn't read what the mood was, but he was adjusting in his seat and his cheeks were more rosy.

"Okay, how about number 5? It says 2x+4y=-20. Do you remember what to do?" Punz said, his finger gently touching your thigh. You two were sitting next to each other, with a desk above your legs with a big math notebook in front of you.

"Ehhh... Find the x first!", you perked up, and he smiled and gave a gentle squeeze to your thigh, kissing your forehead. "Good girl."

"What do you do next?" His finger steadily went higher on your thigh.

"Rewrite it with the found x, so 2(3)+4y=-20! and then you solve that..." You trailed off, noticing Punz's face coming closer to yours. You turned your head, eyes widened as he gently grabbed you face, pulling you into a kiss. You noticed his shoulders relax as you kissed back, hooking your leg onto his.

"Come here," he smiled, pulling you into his lap.

"P-Punz, I don't think we should--"

"Should what? I'm just..." he trailed off, his finger trailed up your inner thigh, and making circles near your underwear. His other hand pushed up your skirt a little.

Your heart rate picked up, your legs twitching as he kept teasing his fingers.

"We can't-- mmh... we need to stop," you insisted, your mouth agape and your fingers gripping your gray skirt.

His hand finally went where you wanted it, he started palming you through your damp underwear. Punz leaned to your ear, his other hand gently holding your lower back. "Does that feel good?" He grinned, starting to kiss below your ear.

"O-Oh my-- fuck, punz..." You sighed in pleasure, your hand going into his hair and your legs trembling in temptation.

Punz started to unbuckle his belt, and you started to panic. "S-Stop, someone will hear!", you expressed.

"Don't worry pretty girl, we aren't gonna fuck. But we can just get each other off, hm? How's that sound?", he said quietly.

You nodded, and leaned forward to nuzzle into his neck. You felt his bulge beneath your underwear, and your breath hitched as Punz slowly slid his hand into your panties.

He chuckled under his breath as he finally made contact with your wetness. "God, you're soaking," he said, touching your clit experimentally. You let out a gasp in his ear, turning your head in his neck to watch his hand's movements in your underwear.

Punz rubbed gentle circles on your clit, earning a small moan. He bit his lip, and started to go faster. Your legs trembled, and he paused. He slid his fingers lower, slowly entering his middle and ring finger into you. He pumped for a little before starting to curl his fingers up, hitting your g-spot. His thumb rubbing gentle circles on your clit at the same time-- fuck. You weren't gonna last long...

You moaned in his ear, your fingers gripping his shoulders. "Yeah? How's that, baby?" He started kissing your neck as he fingered you, the stimulation forcing you to bite your lip to keep quiet.

His circles on your clit started to get harsher, and your legs started to shake more violently. "Fuck, Punz-- I'm getting close," you whined in his ear, squirming in his lap.

Punz just chuckled, going faster and harsher. You let out a moan in his ear again, and started to bite your knuckle to quiet down. You released to say, "im gonna cum, oh god...", you squished your face into his shoulder, letting out gentle sobs of pleasure that turned into desperate whines as you mumbled "im cumming!!"

Your high hit, and went on for what felt like forever as he put his hand over your mouth at just the right time to muffle your obnoxiously loud moan. Your legs shook violently, and you looked down to see cum running down his fingers and some dripped onto the bulge in his pants.

"That was..." You started, catching your breath.

"That made me really hard, fuck--" he chuckled, sighing.

You gave a kiss to his cheek, fixing your undies and sliding off his lap and onto the floor under the table. You gazed up at him, scooting closer to his lap and your hands started to touch his thighs. You watched his breathing get heavy, his mouth agape as he watched you. "Yeah, fuck... God you're so...", he let out a heavy sigh, throwing his head back as you started to palm his bulge. "Not so loud, people might hear," you smiled, teasing. "Says you," he chuckled, staring down at you now.

You unzipped his pants, and he lifted from the seat to help you pull down his pants. You scooted even closer to lick the outline of his cock through his black boxers. He groaned, putting his hand in your hair as you reached into his boxers enough to get his dick out.

Punz let out a sigh of pleasure as you started to slowly stroke his cock, biting your lip. You gently stuck your tongue out a little, kitten-licking his tip. You started to give little kisses on his cock, teasing. You licked a stripe from the base to the tip, making him whimper and grip the seat. You started to suck on the tip, feeling his legs tremble and his cock twitch in your mouth.

You pulled off and smiled, before sinking your mouth all the way onto his cock, making him throw his head back and moan, his grip on your hair tightening. "Fuck, baby," he said, voice rough.

You deepthroated his thick cock, starting to gag and drool. "You take me so well, you fucking slut," he bared his teeth with a chuckle, before getting cut off by a moan.

Punz got a good trip on your hair, starting to push you to keep going. Every time his tip gently touched the back of your throat, it made him closer and closer. "Im gonna cum all over your face-- fuck," he groaned, watching you bob your head rapidly on his twitching cock. And the moment his tip hit the back of your throat--

Punz slapped his hand on his mouth, covering a loud moan as he came in your mouth-- so much. You hadn't even pulled off yet before the cum was overflowing and seeping through the corners of your mouth. You slowly pulled off his cock, opening your mouth and letting your tongue roll out, your mouth covered in cum. "Oh god," he whimpered. You looked up at him with innocent eyes, swallowing. You licked the rest of his cum off his cock, and stood up from where you had been kneeling.

You looked at him, he was limp and his eyes were closed, head resting on the back of the chair, "Mmph, I need a moment," he chuckled, pausing before stuffing his soft cock back into his pants.

You fixed your hair and skirt, and wiped the cum off your lips, smiling. "Same time next week?"


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