Suzume's POV

Gaara and I heard noises as we entered the forest.

"Thank you for taking me out of the hospital for the day, Gai-sensei!"

"I'm surprised you're walking around already, Lee! It's only been a week."

Gaara stopped in his tracks, his eyes wide. We kept walking, fand discovered Gai and Lee together in the clearing we were using before.

"Yeah, but I need these crutches..." He paused. "I really wish Fumiko, TenTen, and Neji were here!"

"I know, Lee, but some people don't like training this early. It's not dawn yet! Anyway, the power of youth will shine! With them, or without them!."

"Yes!" Lee screamed. Gaara obviously didn't like them being near us. He gritted his teeth, and unplugged his gourd. Focusing, I closed him in a bubble of air. When he went to grab Lee with sand, didn't realize the air bubble, and the sand sprayed him in the face. I started laughing, but still had to keep my grip on the shield.

Gaara tried to run into the bubble, but it just followed him.

"What is this? He growled, his voice muffled, due to him being enclosed in the bubble.

I put more chakra into the bubble, making it my distinctive green. He glared at me, then softened his look. He began to see how the bubble had visible air and chakra circulating to make a paper-thin, yet powerful, shield.

"I see. So you learned how to make a shield," He said.

I shrugged "I didn't really learn, I just imagined myself doing it in my head, then made it happen."

He looked at Lee. "Then you get them off the clearing," He said, pointing where they were.

I made my way over to the field. At first, I politely asked. They told me that Lee couldn't walk far enough to go somewhere else.

"We need this area for Suzume's training, now get off!" I heard Gaara's cold tone. Lee stared at him in horror, then tried to run away, but he didn't make it far without falling. I considered catching him with some wind, but decided not to.

I heard a low rumble, as my Shukaku stirred.

"Agh! He groaned as he fell.

"Lee!" Gai cried out, running over to him. "Let's get you back to the hospital," He said, picking him up.

Gai glared at Gaara. "You monster," He hissed.

Gaara crossed his arms. "I guess you could call me that," he replied bluntly.

We watched as Gai carried Lee away, Lee hanging his head.

"Now let's get to work," He said. Arguing would just be a waste of time.

I nodded briefly, walking over to an empty space, tossing my water bottle to the side.

"You need to work on chakra control. Manipulation of matter such as sand or air takes practice. Grab a leaf."

I started to walk over to a tree.

"With your air, idiot!" He said.

I stopped in my tracks. I summoned a tiny blade of air, slicing a single leaf off a tree. I grabbed it with my hand as it fell it the ground, then returned to my spot.

"This may be difficult at first. I want you to keep the leaf floating in the same spot in the air. This takes good chakra control skills. Now, go."

I placed the leaf on my palm, then made it float. It worked for the first few seconds, then the leaf began to shake, and flew away.

"Try again," He demanded.

Well, it took at least ten tries before I actually got the leaf to stay in place for a full minute. I took a sip of water.

"Now, take the leaf, and move it around in circles. This takes even more control, because you have to keep the fragile leaf steady while moving it around."

I focused really hard, made the leaf float, and got it to make one full circle before my concentration broke. My knees began to shake. It's only been an hour! Straightening up again, I made the leaf go in three full circles before it flew away once more.

"Good," He said. He took some sand from his gourd, and took the leaf and made it go around, and around, and around again.

"No need to rub it in!" I complained. He smirked.

"Fine. Now that you have more chakra control, try the air blade again."

Aiming at the tree, I made a motion with my hand, sending out a thin blade of wind. It extended farther than ever before, finally striking the tree, leaving a decent-sized gouge in the trunk. I jumped up in celebration.

"Well done," Gaara said, emotionless as ever.

"Come on, lighten up!" I encouraged.

"Yeah, that was awesome," He admitted. I cheered, then my knees buckled, and I fell to my knees, still laughing.

"Guess I used too much chakra," I said, chuckling.

You think?

His voice lightened up a little. "I guess so," He said. "I don't know if you just noticed this, but you run out of chakra pretty quickly. Remind me of that tomorrow. That's tomorrow's lesson."

I nodded in agreement.

He smirked a little. Just a little. "Before we leave, I want you to try something," He started emptying his gourd. Sand surrounded us, and a ribbon of sand surrounded my brother himself. He crossed his arms, and shocked me by what he said.

Get ready.

No, I'm going to kill myself! I thought with sarcasm.

"I want you to come at me with the intention of killing me."

* * *

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