#Sherlock - 

Now, we all saw Sherlock coming back on the plane now HALLELUJAH!

'There's an east wind coming.'

What do you think holds for Sherlock in the future?

According to Steven Moffat season 4 is going to be scary for all viewers. 

Sherlock may get married off, killed off or just leave for some reason. 

#Married Off 

Many questions can hold about who Sherlock can marry. 

Molly? Janine? A new detective?  

Molly, I think we ALL ship Sherlolly and we hope that there will be some kind of happy ending for them both. And since Molly has cancelled the engagement with Tom, her previous lover, Sherlock can pop the question! Or Molly can rejected but I think #NOWAYJOSE. 

They are destined to be together. She even helped Sherlock deduce one time XD

Now, Janine.... I mean she is an interesting character. Sherlock only got engaged to her because he wanted to break into Magnussen's office, but they had a conversation at the hospital about their future. I don't want their to be a Shanine, but it's up to Moffat and Gatiss. 

A new detective, maybe he meets a new woman on the way and gets to know her well. Maybe she is just like Sherlock and shoots the wall when she's bored...  #NEW LOVER ALERT????

#Killed Off

We all saw Sherlock jump off the roof and survive. Could there be another scenario? 

Moriarty is apparently back and so everyone cannot wait to find out how survived and so on... Maybe Moriarty puts Sherlock into another compromising position, causing him to kill himself like before, instead, Moriarty may want to actually see proof of him dead for real. No faking. 

Or maybe Moriarty kills Sherlock himself. Or maybe Sherlock can't live with himself.... I dunno... 



Maybe he does take up the offer from his brother Mycroft, if he survives the whole thing with Moriarty. Or maybe John, Mary and Sherlock all go undercover and leave the country. Be on the run from something. 


Maybe this Victorian set is a disguise for John and Sherlock already. I do not know if they are travelling back in time to see what an old Sherlock Holmes was like?




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