Group War

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Hannah's pov

I rolled over in my bed only to be face to face with Louis. I rememebered last night and smiled. Last night we had a sleepover and it ended with movies and a big pillow fight. It was so much fun. I looked at the time and seen it was nearly 11. The others said they would be coming over at 12. That means I would have to wake Louis up now so we could fix breakfast. Great.

"Lou babe wake up." I said.

"Djdufbbf." He grumbled.

"Louis wake up we have to make breakfast." I said nudging him.

"Whyyyyyyy." He said dragging out the y.

"Cause they will be over at 12 get your lazy butt up." I said pushing his chest.

"Can I have a kiss first." He bargened.

"After you get up and get dressed we might talk." I said smiling.

"Ugh fine." He said sitting up.

"Good now go." I said.

"What about you?" He said." You have to get up too."

"Yeah I know I will." I spoke before sitting uo myself.

Both of us got up and he went to the bathroom in my room. I walked into the guest bedroom and got changed into a peach colored shirt with a bow on it. I put on some black skinnies and my converse. I put on foundation and mascara then walked downstairs. I went downstairs to decided what to make for lunch.

"I can help you make some sandwhiches if you want." Louis said hugging me from behind.

"Ok then. Go get the bread." I said. He let go if my waist and walked to the cabinet.

I got out the ham and cheese. I also got out mayonaise,letteuce,turkey and tomatos. Some people are so picky...... I started making the ham sandwhiches while Louis made the turkey. Some had everything others only had one thing. ;).

"Welp thats done." Louis said as I put the bread up. He put up everything else then started eating a carrot.

"Yeah and we still have 15 minutes." I said

"Well then Mrs. Horan what are we going to do?" He said wrapping his arms around my waist. He leaned in and then the doorbell went off.


I rolled my eyes before walking to the door." We was already up for your information." I sassed.

"Well then are you going to let us in?" Summer asked. Now that I looked around I noticed that everyone was standing there.

"Sure." I said stepping out of the way.

They all walked in and went to the living room. I went back to the kitchen to help Louis get the sandwhiches and some pop. I walked back in the living room with the pop and cups. Louis followed with both trays of sandwhiches.

"Oh they actually made food." Niall laughed. Everyone laughed along with them while I rolled my eyes. We sat on the couch and put the snacks on the table. As we ate we watched Spongebob Squarepants. Yeah we act like little kids point?

"So what are we doing today?" I asked.

"Well here's a hint." Harry said pulling out a nerf gun. Then shot both me and Louis. Oh so thats how they want to play.

"THIS MEANS WAR!!!" I said jumping up. No one knew this except Niall but there was a secret room filled with nerf guns and supplies. It is so cool. Sometimes we go in there and just think check on the supplies make sure we got enough stuff. Ya know? Last time we checked it was last Friday and we had it refilled and everything. So basically we are good to go. I jerked out my phone to text Niall.

Hey wanna team up secretly? We got the secret room

From: bestbubever
You know it

To: bestbubever
Meet in the secret room soon as the game starts.

From: bestbubever

I walked over to the tv and turned it off.

"Let the games begin." I said.

Everyone jumped up and ran. How had I not known they had neff guns with them? I noticed Niall was still sitting.

"Let's go little sis." He said jumping up.

We both ran careful to avoid the others and to the secret door. I typed in the secret code 3579. We walked in careful to make sure they wasn't following. I grabbed the biggest gun I saw and looked to see Niall had one simular.

"Alright remember the rules we tell no one about this room." Niall said.

"Got it." I replied as we did our hand shake.

I ran out the door only to be faced with Harry. The secret room was inside my room so I got lucky.

"So we meet again young one." He spoke in a weird voice.

"Yes I'm sorry to see you go this way." I said.

"No I'm sorry." He lifted his gun and I put my gun down on the ground.

"What are you doing?" He asked." I thought you wanted to win."

"I do and I will." I said.

"Then don't you need your gun?" He questioned.

"Nope not at all." I said." Cause you are out."

"What do you-" Harry was cut off by a bullet in the back of his head.

"Good shot Niall." I said picking my gun back up.

"You two teamed up." He realized.

"Yup." I said.

"Great now I'm out cause of the Horan twins." Harry grunted.

"WE AREN'T TWINS!" Niall and I screamed at the same time.

Niall and I ran off in opposite directions.

"Nooo." I heard a scream come from Niall's way. I took off running in the opposite way in through the living room. I seen everyone sitting there except Louis, Niall and of course me. That meant my brother was aganist my boyfriend. Great I darted into the hallway.

Niall had a nerf gun to his head and Louis held the gun.

"So you came to save your brother? That touches me." Louis said.

"Wow Louis just let him go." I said stepping forward.

"Listen take one more step and he's out." Louis said.

"This is not a horror film now just hand him over." I said reaching out.

"Do you want to make this a horror film?" He questioned.

"Not really." I said.

"Then let's make a trade you for him." Louis quizzed. Perfect when he goes to trade I shoot.

"Ok." I sighed.

"HANNAH NO!" Niall screamed. Wow this is like a horror movie.

"Yes Niall just go." I said. I stepped forward a Louis released Niall. I quickly jerked out my gun and shot Louis.

"Good job never thought that would happen." He said walking away.

"You deserve to win." Niall said.

"No Niall you do." I argued.

"If you don't shoot me I will." He spoke.

"I-I can't." I said. Then I witnessed Niall shooting himself. I won the game. On an unfair trial.

Okay there ya go. I woke up at 8:00 and had nothing to do. I hope this is long cause I spent 2 hours writing this. Yes so hope you enjoy. It sucks cause we are flooded in and I couldnt go to school today. Me and my friend was suppose to twin it. Now we cant. So anywho hope you liked this chapter. Love it or hate it i dont care. Haters gonna hate. Byez comment and vote.

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