Kyoya's Family Resort

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February 28 Saturday

"So, I'll talk to you later, kay?" Page muttered. She was laying on her side on the king size bed in Erin's room, while twirling a strand of her chestnut hair between her index finger.

"M'kay. Talk to you later then, ciao," said Salim, before the line went died.

Page spanned her cell shut and put it on the night stand beside the bed, then laid on her back, staring blankly at the ceiling. Erin had left early in the morning to meet the host club and so Kyoya wont leave her and then blame her for not being there. Erin had asked Page if she would join her but Page was still angry, so she refused to go and ignored her ever since.

Even though Page was furious with Erin she felt guilty for making Erin cry like that. Yes Page had saw it. She just saw from afar. She wanted so badly to just run to her and say she took it all back, but her pride and anger had got in the way from her comforting her friend.

But why is it that Page always had to be the bigger person and forgive someone that is clearly wrong and should be taught a lesson. Or at least be giving the silence treatment.

And Erin deserved to feel the pain Page had to endure in the past, the pain Erin said she'll never make her experience again. But she lied. Page felt it, all of it once again. Her wound was reopened and not just left to heal on it's own.

"It's all her fault, yet I feel so guilty," Page uttered, a cross of pain and confusion played along her features.

Deep down, Page knew she can never stay mad at Erin. Erin was her friend, her best friend. She'll even go so far and say she was like a sister to her and even though Erin might be selfish and self-centered sometimes, she always meant well. Now Erin is with the host club all by herself because Page was too mad and stubborn.



It was around nine in the morning when the host club and their guests arrived at the resort. Once everyone was in the lobby, Kyoya instructed them to unpack first, then meet at the beach for the hosting to begin. Two maids were ordered to show all the guests to there rooms, while Kyoya took it upon himself to show the members of the host club to their rooms.

All the members of the host club were on the same floor. Each member had their own room, except for the twins, who were sharing a room, as well as Hunny and Mori.

Once Kyoya showed Erin to her room, she immidiately ran inside and slammed the door shut.

"Finally," Erin sighed, shuffling over to the bed and flopping on it.

The whole trip to the resort was hell, she ended up having to sit next to one of the girls because it was them or being around the twins. She thought the girl would be less painful. She guessed wrong. The girl she ended up with was the bitch, Aichi.

Aichi wasn't fond of it at all, but sucked it up and dealt with it until they got there. But once in a while she would glance at Erin to only see the black-haired girl scolding.

Erin moved to the edge of the bed and just sat, letting her gray orbs scan the room. The room was pretty big but also looked empty due to lack of furniture. The walls were a light sea green and that matched the bedspreads. On the bed were tons of unnecessary pillows piled onto it, which were going to end up on the floor when Erin goes to sleep.

There were two wooden nightstands on either sides of the bed, with a lamp on top of each of them. A few portraits of oil paintings hung over the bed and a few on the other walls. The carpet was white and soft. On the right side of the room, there were two screen doors that led to the balcony that contained a nice view of the ocean.

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