The Nice Guy

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February 26 Thursday, 8 pm.

"Page, please talk to me!" begged Erin, as she followed her friend to the kitchen.

There was no response from said girl, she just ignored her ebony haired friend and proceeded to the fridge. Page pulled the door to the fridge open, and searched for the carton of milk.

Erin sneaked around Page, now standing in front of her, blocking Page from grabbing the milk carton.

"If you don't talk to me right now, I wont let you get the milk!" Erin threaten, folding her arms above her chest, pouting.

Irritated by her friends childish antics, she glared at her before sighing in frustration and walking away from Erin.

"Page! Oh come on, you can't stay mad at me forever!" Erin yelled, flailing her arms around, following the pissed brunette.

Page stopped and whipped around, glaring daggers at Erin.

"Yes I fucking can!" Page snarled.

"Come on Page, it was an accident," Erin pleaded, frowning.

"You forgot me, how can you forget your friend, knowing damn well she has no type of transportation?" Page retorted, clenching her hands in fists.

Erin flinched back, guilt washing over her. If she wasn't so selfish, and only thinking about her problems. Then maybe Page wouldn't be so pissed. But even so, Page isn't the type of person to hold a grudge. So there was something else eating at her. But what was it?

"Page, I'm sorry. I just wasn't thinking-"

"Yeah you never think. Never even give a thought about other people, and how things effect them. It's just in your selfish nature," Page said bitterly, crossing her arms above her chest, her eyes cold and hard.

Page's words stung Erin, her guilt rising.


"I don't even want to see your face right now, just... Leave me alone," Page said before leaving the kitchen and walking to there room.

As the brunette disappeared form her sight, Erin felt hot sticky tears run down her cheeks without warning. She felt like her heart was ripped out from her chest, stomped on, then smashed back in. Her body soon felt weak, unable to hold her self up any longer, she let her legs give way, letting herself fall to the floor. Erin sat there and cried silently, feeling as if her world was crashing down all around her. The twins words flouted around her head, causing her to cry even harder.

Everything they said, everything, it was all true. She was alone, well at least after hearing her best friend utter those words to her with such hatred in her voice, made it seem like she was alone. And she had no one to blame but her self. If she wasn't so selfish. So uncaring. So egoistic. Such an awful person.

She laid on the floor, her whimpering had stopped, but the tears hadn't.

From afar, Hikaru and Kaoru had witnessed what had happened. They were shocked beyond belief by what Page had said. Wasn't she Erin's friend? Didn't she care if she hurt her feelings? Was she really that mad that Erin picked her up so late? They were so confused.

And once Erin broke down they froze.

"Hikaru what should we do?" Kaoru asked, his brother, looking at Erin with pity.

Hikaru thought about it. He didn't like Erin. Not one bit and not after she tried to pull that stunt on Kaoru but seeing her in such an emotional state, he felt like he should do something. Anything to make her feel better. 'What the hell am I thinking, she doesn't desvire me or my brothers help,' Hikaru thought, now glaring at Erin. He didn't want to feel anything for this girl nothing at all besides hate and thats it. Nothing else.

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