Princeton Imagine For Asia !

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You Woke Up Next To Your New Boyfriend Princeton . Last Night Had You Feeling AMAZING !


Your Mom Wasnt Gonna Be Home For Another 4 Days . You Had Nothing To Do . She Was On A Business Trip , So You Were Home Alone . You Decided To Call Your Bestfriend Princeton . The Phone Rang Three Times , And He Picked Up .

[Phone Convo]

"Heey Beautiful !" He Sang . He Was Always Complimenting You On Your Beauty . You Didnt Mind . Because You Thought He Was SEXY As Hell . You Even Liked Him Alot . But You Were Kinda Scared To Tell Him .

"Hey Princey Poo ." You Said Laughing .

"Wassup Chica ?"

"Im BORED ! Mommy's At Work . And Im By Myself :( " You Said Fliping To Your Stomach .

" Aww. Mi pobre bebé .[My Poor Baby]  . Want Me To Come Over ?" You Smiled At The Thought Of Being Alone With Him For The First Time IN A Long Time .

"Yes , Papi . " You Knew Calling Him That Turned Him On , Beacuse He Told You Before . BUt You Were Only Having A Little Fun .

"Y/N , You KNOW What That Does To Me . Now Stop " He Said Laughing A Little .

"What Are You Talking About Papi ?" You Said Inocently .

"Oh mi Dios, esta chica se me va a hacer romper su cuerpo en pedazos [ Oh My God This Girl Is Gonna Make Me Tear Her Body To Shreds]" He Whispered In The Phone . You Dont KNow What He Said , But It Sounded Sexy .

"Um .. English , Papi . English ." You Said Laughing .

" I-I Said Ill Be There In About 10 Minutes ." He Said After Clearing His Throat .

"Mhmm . Lier . But Okay , Papi . See You In 10" You Said Smiling .

"Fuck ! Okay . Bye Y/N "

"Bye ."

[End Phone Convo]

You Hung Up The Phone Smiling , And Ran In Your Bathroom To Take A Quick Shower . You Put On This >> (Pic On Side)

You Put In Your Favorite Lil Chuckie CD And Started Twerking . You Lost Track Of Time , And Before You Knew It , A Pair Of Hands Grabed Your Waist Pulling You Close To Them . You Turned Around And Saw Princeton Standing There , With A Smirk On His Face .

"Heeyy Pa - I Mean Princeyy Poo !" You Said , Turning Around And Hugging Him .

"Dont ' Heeyy ' Me -_-"

"Why ? What I Do ?" You Asked Batting Your Eyeslashes . He Tilted His Head Slightly To The Side , And Pushed You On The Bed , Climbing On Top Of You And Pinning Your Arms Down . He Spoke Softly , Next To Your Ear , Sending A Chill Down Your Spine .

"You KNow What You Did . And Now I Have To Punish You For It" You Blushed And Tried To Break Free . But Y'Know .. Princeyy Is Strong .

Princeton Crashed His Lips Onto Yours , Catching You By Suprise . But You Didnt Even Hesitate To Kiss Him Back , Just As Roughly As He Was Kissing You . You Deepened The Kiss , As His Hands Traveled Up And Down Your Body . He Kissed Your Sweet Spot . You'd Told Him Were It Was Before . But You Didnt Know If He Was Listening . Guess He Was , Cuz He'd Made You Moan Almost Instantly  Swirling His Toungh , And Sucking On It .