Chapter 9

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"Navi! Navi!" I awoke to Link screaming my name. "Navi!"

"What?" I whined.

"Goron City is on fire!" Link screamed.

"What?" I shreiked, racing to Link's face.

"Nah, I'm teasing you. We're still in Kokeriko Village." Link grinned.

"I. Am. Going. To. Kill. You." I said through gritted teeth.

Link took off running, but bumped into a tall figure. "Sorry." Link said, only to be gazing up at Impa.

"Link, take this." Impa said, flopping a letter on Link's lap.

"Erm-what is it?" Link asked, getting off the ground.

Impa didn't respond, instead, she vanished.

Link brushed off his pants, and tucked the letter in his pocket. "That was weird." Link muttered.

"What is the paper about?" I asked.

"I don't know, I didn't look at it." Link said.

I rolled my eyes. "Why don't you try doing that?" I asked slowly.

"FIne then," Link muttered. He took out the letter. "Hey, it's a letter from Princess Zelda. It gives me permission to go somewhere. Sweet!"

I just rolled my eyes. "You can be a real doofus sometimes, you know?"

Link looked hurt, but he just shrugged. "It comes naturally."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever, why don't you find out where exactly Princess Zelda is allowing you to go." I suggested.

"That would be smart." Link said, and he began walking through the town.

"Hey kid! Come here!" A voice called.

"Yeah?" LInk asked, walking over to a tall, well built, balding man.

"I gotta question for ya." The man said. He had a scratchy voice.

"Okay, fire away." Link replyed casually.

"Where are you from, kid?" He asked.

"Careful Link, this could be a trap." I whispered.

Link half-nodded and said, "Why?"

"Well, ya look like you're not from around here, and also, we don't like Kokeri Children."

Link's eyes widened and he stuttered, "What?"

The man bursted out laughing. After he calmed his laughter, he said, "Now get out of here! This is your warning- now leave!"

"Yes sir." Link said, and he began racing towards the entrance of Death Mountain.

"Halt!" The man bellowed.

Link spun around, and gulped. "Yes?"

"The exit is over there." The man growled, pointing in the opposite direction.

Then it hit me. The letter! "Link the letter!" I cried.

"Hey, what the!" The man cried, and he began flaring his arms at me.  Link pulled out the letter, and quickly shoved it in the man's face. "Hey- oh. Sorry. Continue on your way then." The man said. "Hope I wasn't too much trouble for ya."

"No, not at all!" Link said sarcastically. The man just glared down at Link.

"Okay, we had fun on this playdate, now let's hit the road." I announced.

Link turned on his heels, and walked away. We came up to the entrance of Death Mountain.

"Hey! You have no right to be here!" A voice screamed. I turned my head to see a tall gaurd, waiting at the gate of Death Mountain.

"You don't understand. I have permission." Link explained.

The garud snorted. "Sure, now leave before I lose my temper."

"I have full permission to go through, now move out of my way!" Link screamed.

"Auugh!" I heard an angry scream.

"Auuugghh!" Link screamed out in pain. And then I saw Link collapsing on the floor, with a spear in his stomache. 

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