14. Wild

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Abe's POV

My father. I smelt his age-old scent and couldn't stop from burrowing my head in against his neck as the car rumbled around us. The driver up front wasn't breathing so it must be another Shade he was partial to summoning for chores around his dwellings. Still numb, I was useless to do anything but slump against his body. I felt like a child again but this pain and acidic fire running through my veins was anything but childish.

"Septimus," I whispered and the hand that had been rubbing through my hair stilled before my father sighed, fingers tilting my head back up.

"He's going to come back for you, son," He murmured. "Don't fret. As soon as we are at our destination, the pain won't be as horrible."

I forced my eyes to stay open and found us inside my father's favourite coach, a modified but still very much outdated car with the engine of a V8. Don't ask the logic in that, but he found a way to go about getting what he wanted no matter how ridiculously incompatible it may seem in the beginning. I remember being allowed to drive this as a three year old with a stressing Ancient of a father in the passenger seat and holding the gear shift.

"I like those alphas very much. Very clever for such young men," He remarked. Not everyone had the chance to be as old as Matthias but I didn't remark. "Jun will be a very good King when his time comes. Seth too, will make a lovely Queen."

A King? Queen? Well, I had something to look forward to in the future. When Matthias said something he didn't say it lightly. There was a confidence and all-knowing smile behind his words.

"Septimus," The name felt like a broken record now but that was all my distracted and pained Pixie and Vampyre sides would allow to come from my lips.

"I know," He murmured and I scented his anxiety (Something you don't really associate with an age-old Ancient Vampyre every day) before I picked it up in his down-trodden tone. "I promise, son, he'll be back for you. If not willingly, I'll drag him back by his furry behind just for you to drain and get over this separation anxiety."

At least this man tried to comfort, I guess. I shut my eyes again and let his breathing settle the pain enough for me to drift off again.

I woke up surrounded by the scent of Septimus, curling up in the cold blankets and shutting my eyes as my wings unfurled from my back and knocked off Septimus' alarm clock and cheap lamp. "That's it, son. Just focus on the scent. It will help," I saw Matthias murmur and shivered, feeling the numbness beginning to leave my fingertips and toes. Progress I guess.

Tryghr was here too? I blinked up to them and grimaced.

"Uh, M'Lord?"

"Is he going to be alright?"

The Chief as well. Lovely. Just my horrible luck.

'Leave me alone', I wanted to say but all that came from my lips was... And you might have guessed it... "Septimus," The tone was deader than my father's humanity.

"Ah, he will need some more time until that stubborn wolf gets back from his hunt," Tryghr sighed. "And it was going so well."

"Yes, I thought so," Matthias groaned and his hands were rubbing my arm, his weight making the bed dip a little. I curled up instinctively closer. "When he sent me that body, I was hoping that would be the end of it but as soon as Septimus gets his claws into Vanessa, I'm getting her straight back so I can give her a little more... fun for even hurting Abergroft like this."

"That curse should be doing its job," Tryghr hummed.

"It certainly is. Locking in her Dark Matter manipulation means that she can only rely off the powers she didn't steal from the Witches decades ago," Matthias chuckled. "She will be a sitting duck for that idiot mate of Abergroft's."

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