“It was certainly nice getting the chance to meet one of your new friends tonight, Tomomi. A pleasant surprise indeed.” Tomomi walked slowly behind her parents, looking up as her father spoke and glanced back at her. She forced a small smile onto her face, nodding her head in agreement despite the fact that she didn’t exactly agree with it. She wanted to and she wanted to feel like the night had gone well but somewhere down inside her… Tomomi didn’t feel like it had gone all that well.

“I’m happy to see my little girl is finally coming out of her shell a bit!” Her mother gushed happily. Despite the happy tone, Tomomi could hear an underlying tone. She knew there was something more her parents wanted to talk about and were merely beating around the bush so they didn’t need to. After the way Yukako’s parents had talked to hers tonight, it did worry her about what her parents could be thinking.

Of course, Yukako’s parents hadn’t exactly said anything bad to Tomomi’s parents per say. The two sets of parents were old friends; they would always be civilized with one another. Rather, Yukako’s parents had been indirect with their negative comments… Except their implications had been entirely about Yukako and never about Tomomi.

It had surprised Tomomi and caught her off-guard throughout the night. It was puzzling to her. The brunette couldn’t be positively sure she was thinking correctly about what they had been subtly implying but if Tomomi was correct then she knew Yukako’s parents had been implying that Tomomi’s should keep her away from Yukako… And that didn’t make sense to Tomomi. She knew Yukako didn’t have the best relationship with her parents but how could they be so willing to treat their daughter like that?

She couldn’t imagine her parents ever speaking about her like that whether she was present in the same room or not… But Tomomi had always had a good relationship with her parents. She knew she wouldn’t be able to fully understand the problems someone like Yukako had faced. At the moment, Tomomi’s biggest problem with her parents was to wonder if they had picked up on Yukako’s parents’ subtle hints and if they would try to keep her from seeing Yukako again.

Silence fell over the family as they continued the small pathway into the house, moving into the living room as Tomomi’s father switched on the main light of the room. He coughed lightly, loosening his tie before collapsing tiredly on the couch. His wife laughed softly, shaking her head but doing the same thing, feeling the exhaustion from the long day beginning to set in. Tomomi, on the other hand, didn’t move to sit down. She shifted nervously on her feet, moving forward a bit and opening her mouth to excuse herself to her room only to be narrowly stopped by her mother.

“I am curious though, darling… How did you meet Yukako? Did you join an afterschool club or something similar?” The question from her mother caused Tomomi’s body to tense up nervously. She knew that there was a chance that her parents would find it odd to figure out that their daughter had at least two new friends… It wasn’t as if Tomomi was the most social person and she knew her parents were probably surprised that Tomomi had managed to make any new friends at all.

“No, mama… I’m actually helping tutor Yukako so she can improve her grades before graduation.” It wasn’t as if Tomomi had completely lied to her parents; there was some truth to her words. It may not be the way she had actually met Tomomi but there was partial truth in the fact that Tomomi actually was tutoring Yukako and the others…. Even so, Tomomi couldn’t help but feel guilty for half-way lying to her own parents.

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