Holy Shit

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Hello, ok it's been a while let's get into it shall we.


I woke up to find Morty still asleep, it looked like he was dreaming, I watched him for a minute then he started talking in his sleep "ah Rick don't stop" he moaned, my eyes bugged I couldn't believe what I just heard, I gently placed my hand on his shoulder and gently shook him "wake up Morty we have to move fast" I said trying to sound as if I hadn't heard anything "huh?, oh morning Rick" he mumbled then stretched "here Morty" I said handing him a food bar "thanks Rick" he said taking it "come on we gotta find parts" I said after he finished eating "ok" he said following me out of the cave, we searched for a few hours and found some decent parts I could repurpose to fix my portal gun, it's a good thing I have a robot arm after loosing my arm in froopy land, the repairs took the rest of the day, it was also lucky that I had brought along some extra portal fluid and a solar charger for the portal gun, as soon as the gun was charged I opened a portal and we jumped threw it into Morty's bedroom, Morty accidentally bumped into me and i landed on top of him on the floor his face instantly flushed so did mine "uhh Ri-rick your kn-knee is umm...." Morty mumbled but trailed off at the end as I looked down to see my knee touching his crotch, my face went three shades darker and I looked up only to meet his eyes, it was this moment that I knew I had to tell him, he had to know so I did the first thing that popped into my head, I kissed him to my surprise he kissed back hungrily he wrapped his arms around my neck pulling me closer, I broke the kiss and pulled away from him, I got up and walked out the room in complete silence.


I can't believe Rick just kissed me then walked out without saying a damn word "fuck" I said getting up and heading down to the garage to find Rick, I knocked on the garage door "it's open Morty" Rick spoke softly I opened the door and walked in and sat down beside Rick, we sat in silence for a while until I decided to speak up "why?" I asked blankly, Rick didn't answer "WHY?" I shouted "I DON'T FUCKING KNOW WHY MORTY" he yelled and turned away from me "you probably think I'm a disgusting old pervert" Rick sighed "no I don't think that at all Rick" I said he turned to face me a look if confusion evident on his face "Im a disgusting old man who can't control my own impulses, you should hate me for what I am and what I just did, I shouldn't of ....." I cut his sentence short by slamming my lips against his shocking him completely, he kissed back until I broke the kiss "I could never hate you Rick, I love you" I said then I kissed him again my hand snaking down towards his crotch "mnh" Rick broke the kiss "Morty, I kneed to do something really quick ok" he said standing up and walking over to the hatch in the floor of the garage, the hatch that led to Rick's sub lab "your going to become tiny Rick again aren't you?" I asked huskily "yeah and this time it's permanent, for you" Rick simply stated
"For me?" I asked "yup" he answered winking at me.

Ok another chapter done,
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