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*Rosalie's P.O.V*

 I was on Zayn’s motorcycle in front on my house. We sat there. I knew my parents knew we were here, heck I bet the whole neighborhood knew we were here. Zayn got off the bike and lifted me up so I was standing in front of him facing him.

“You can go home, and I can just say you were sick,” I told him looking into his hazel eyes.

“No, I want to go in.” he said smirking.

“No, Zayn please. I-I don’t know what they will do or say…” tears started forming in my eyes.

He grabbed my face and kissed my lips gently. “If they don’t want us together, then oh well. I love you can that’s all that matters.”

I nodded and walked him to my front door and opened it. We walked in slowly and went into the living room. My mom was there sitting up straight and glared at Zayn. My dad was in the chair drinking what seemed to be Brandy.

“H-hi,” my voice shook as I stood next to Zayn in front of my parents.

“So… do you have anything to tell us?” my mom asked me, still glaring at Zayn.

“Yea, this is my friend, Zayn Malik.” I smiled. I looked at Zayn and he smirked at my parents.

“F-friend?” my father stuttered.

“Yea, why did you think he was my boyfriend?” I laughed. Wow, this lying stuff was getting easier.

“Well, Josh’s mother told me that he told her that you said you and Zayn were dating.” My mom said shifting. I could tell she was thinking about the situation really hard.

I was about to cuss Josh out but Zayn spoke. “I heard about Josh, and don’t worry, your daughter and I are just friends. Nothing more.” I smiled at me. “Actually I have to get going now…”

I nodded, “I’ll walk you out.” I lead him outside to his bike.

“So, what we’re best friends now? I kind of want to make out with you in public, not high five you.” He glared at me. I could tell he was mad. And I knew why. Zayn wanted me to tell my parents and get them even madder by flaunting me around the neighborhood showing everyone I was his.

“Zayn, its fine. I’ll tell them eventually.” I bit my lip.

He got on the bike. “Whatever,” he scoffed and drove off.

I walked back into my house and trudged up the stairs. I heard my mum on the phone with Josh’s mom probably discussing the whole situation. I reached my room and shut the door.

I put on some sweatpants and threw my hair in a sloppy bun. I layed down on my bed and stared at the ceiling. I sighed and checked my phone. I had no texts from Zayn. I knew he was mad, but I didn’t want my parents to stop me from dating him. I thought this would be the best way… I guess I thought wrong.

*Monday Morning*

I had just gotten dressed and was a bit early so I decided to just chill in my room until it was time to go. Friday night I hadn’t gone out of my house unless it was an emergency. The boys had asked to come over but I declined. Danielle, Liam’s girlfriend, had come over Saturday for a girl’s sleepover. We talked about me and Zayn and she gave me some girl advice. Zayn hadn’t called or texted since I last saw his Thursday and I was worried.

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