Chapter 4-Mate

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Author's Pov

When they enter the class,they saw 4 mans wear all black.Their eyes is red.They growl and walk towards them."Well,this gonna be fun" one of the man said.When they about to attack them,the four scary man burn.The six innocent boys only can cry.They scare and don't know what to do.Suddenly,the classroom become black and they shout."Don't worry,you guys safe now" one voice said."Who...Who are you?" Suho ask the voice."It doesn't matter.The problem is we need to go away from this place" another voice said.Only in three second,all of them already go to other place.

"Wtf is just happen?" Baekhyun ask them."Even I don't know what happen just now" Kyunsoo said.Suddenly,six young man walk toward them and what suprise them is...

The six guy is the new student.

"Don't worry guys.We won't kill you.Never" Yixing said."Can you guys explain to us what the hell is happen just know?!" "No need to yell at us,Tao.We saved you guys just now.Actually you guys need to say thank you to us but,because you don't know what happened,I think we'll forgive you" Kai smirk at them then he continue "The four scary mans who attacked you guys just now is a killer.They want all of you die.Their boss is our enemies"."Why your enemies want kill us?" Kyungsoo give him a 'why?' look."Do you know that your face is really cute" Kai show his smile that only make Kyungsoo blush."Stop flirting him,Jongin" Chen sigh."This kid really annoyed me" Sehun said."Yah!I'm older than you!" Kai glare at his dongsaeng."I don't even care" Sehun replied."Stop it kids!Back to the point.They want you die because,all of you is our mate"...


Chapter four XD I hope u guys love it!!!

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