#44 Brett/Liam

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I leaned against the goal post, taking a short break from my personal lacrosse practice.  Just because I'm a werewolf now, doesn't mean that I'm going to start slacking on my practice time.  I haven't put this much work into lacrosse just to stop practicing.

"What do you mean you're not going to homecoming with me?!" I heard the shrill voice of Brett breaking me from my calm thoughts.  I fluttered my eyes open and looked over to see him on the track in just his gym shorts.  I was aware of my surroundings enough to know that he'd already done a few laps of the track while I'd been practicing.  The girl was talking to quietly to be heard, but Brett was making his words loud and clear.  He'd been causing drama ever since he transferred to Beacon Hills.

"Another guy, really?  Who the hell do you think you are?  Who is this asshole?" he demanded and I couldn't help but let out a little chuckle.  I understand that he's upset about being broken up with, but sheesh.  He's really giving this girl hell.  Though I guess I'm not one to talk.  I can get pretty pissed too...

"Lahey?  Lahey?" he scoffed throwing his arms in the air "No!  You're serious?!  Issac freaking Lahey?!  You're leaving me for that idiot?!"  I let out another laugh at his anger before I finally decided to step in and help the poor girl out for her stupid mistake in dating Brett in the first place.

"I don't know Brett, compared to you I'd say Isaac's a pretty safe choice" I smirked cheekily as I walked toward the pair.

"Oh Screw off Dunbar!" he snapped at me "this is none of your damn business."

"I'm pretty sure it is, seeing as how you're interrupting my practice time with your petty relationship drama" I shrugged as I began to pace around.  Once Brett's back was turned, I watched the girl flee the scene towards the school.  Not even a wave of thanks to me.  Ungreatful.

"No, my problems are not your business, but you sure do like making them your business" he growled at me storming toward me, shoving my shoulders.

"I'm not fighting you Brett" I sighed, turned back toward the school to head for the locker room, but Brett shoved me again, this time catching me off guard and sending me falling onto the grass.

"Really dude?  No" I grumbled at him.  I was not getting another mark on my file for a school fight.  Not after what happened at my last school.  I stood up and once again started to head back to the locker rooms.

"Oh yeah, Dunbar, run away in fear.  Just like every girl you've ever dated had done" he prodded and my steps faltered as my hands curled into fists.  In a flash I was turned around pinning him to the ground.

"It's not my freaking fault that your damn girlfriend broke up with you!" I screamed in his face and then he rolled us over so that he was the one pinning me down.

"Yeah, but it's your fault that I've been wanting to break up with her!" he yelled heatedly back at me.  We just stayed like that for a minute, him pinning me to the grass. Our angered breathing was all that could be heard.

"How's it my fault that you wanted to break up with her?" I snapped at him "last I checked that's your own damn choice."  His eyes seemed to soften for a second before the steeled back up and he pushed himself off of me.

"Whatever" he grumbled.  I wanted to just get up.  To walk away back the locker room and leave, but for some reason I stayed sitting next to him in the grass.

"Look, are you...okay, Brett?" I asked softly.  His shoulders looked tense and his lips were pressed into a line.

"Stop acting as if you care Liam" He muttered.  I furrowed my brows before leaning forward to see his face, but he turned away.

"I'm not acting Brett, we may have our differences but I don't hate you" I offered.

"Yeah, well I don't want you to care Liam" he snapped twisting so that his torso was facing away from me.

"You know, this might come as a shock to you Brett, but life is actually a lot easier if you let people in and let them care about you" I insisted, but he just stayed silent.  I sighed and was about to get up and leave when suddenly Brett turned around and crashed his lips against mine.

It was different.  Not bad... but different, a good different.  This kiss only last a split second before he was pulling in and quickly standing.

"Damn it" he muttered under his breath as he began walking brisquely toward the school.  I was sat there in shock for a minute before jumping up and running after him.

"Brett!" I yelled once I got close behind him and he stopped.

"What do you-" he started as he turned to face me and I pressed my lips to his, resting my cold hands on his neck.  He tensed slightly before grabbing my waist in his hands.

I didn't even know if I wanted this.  Heck, I didn't even know what this was.  But what I did know, was that this felt good.  Better than any kiss I'd ever had, and I was willing to see where this would lead if he was...


Hey guys, here is a Brett/Liam one shot!  I'm back, I'd forgotten how much I loved writing these one shots.  I'd only stopped because I'd become so busy with other things, but I think I'm going to start writing more one shots again, so go ahead and give me some suggestions.  I hope you enjoyed and thanks for sticking with me.  I'll try and write another one really soon!  ^_^

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