XLI. Do You Know?

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"How have you been sweetie? Are you making sure to get enough rest?"

"I'm taking care of myself, just like you always tell me to."

"That's good. And your studies?"

"It's tough, but I think I'll manage just fine."

"I know you will. My baby girl will ace whatever challenges life will bring."

Minji giggled. How sweet the words of the person are. That person had always been there for her, if she could only teleport - Minji would give that person a tight embrace.

As she was on the phone, trying to make conversation with the person on the other end - one of her dear friends knocked on the table of the area she was occupying.

It was Jungwon.

He smiled brightly, showing off his fluffy bread cheeks.

It was his free time. Had he something else to do, he would have done it in the library. But since he had nothing, he decided to pay Minji a visit to the place where she would usually be.

"Oh- I have to go."

"Okay okay, make sure to always be safe and happy okay? Bye, I love you~."

"I will. Bye. Love you too." Minji said with a sweet tone

"Ehh??!?!" Jungwon widened his eyes. But of course, he kept quiet despite his inner surprise.

"Say I love you too to dad and Jihoon for me." Minji replied to the person on the other end - her mom.

"Ahhhh." Jungwon said inside, laughing it off. If there is a way to visualize what he felt - it would look like Jungwon's guardian angel smacking his head.

Minji hung up the phone and greeted Jungwon with a warm smile.

"What brings you here?" she asked curiously.

She rarely gets to see one of her friends during class hours, so this is a delightful surprise.

"It's my free time. My next class is in 2 hours and I have nothing to do. Sooo, I decided to stay with you." he said

"Ahhh I see. Well, I also have nothing to do. Let's just talk, unless you have something else in mind?" she asked Jungwon.

Jungwon shook his head - talking is fine to him since there was nothing he could think of.

He sat down on the opposite side of the table, placing his bag on his lap.

"How are your classes so far? You're an architecture student right?"

"Yes. Class is fine, not too many tasks - but that's maybe because I've only been here for a week. I'm sure it will pile up soon."

"Yup, that's how it is for all of us - maybe except Ni-ki. Wait no, he's probably busy too, the only difference is ours is school and his is work."

Jungwon nodded. Though, he was hoping that they could talk about something not school-related - maybe something a bit more fun.

"Ohh wait, not all of us. Levi's still in senior high, though he is joining us in college life next year." Minji added.

"Levi??" Jungwon said in his head. Minji said an unfamiliar name and stated that he will be joining them.

Jungwon didn't think that there are other people in the circle of friends that he hasn't met. If his memory serves him right, there was no Levi in the friend circle 2 years ago.

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