Chapter 38

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Jordan's POV*

When I got home, I flopped on my couch. Almost immediately, I got a call from Matthew. "Yeah?"

"You quit?!" he whisper-yelled into the phone.

"Yeah, so? Bart's an asshole and that job was exhausting." I replied, rubbing my temples.

"Yeah, well that's being a lawyer, for yah."

"No, Matt. This was like working overtime in a sweat shop. No lawyer practice is like that. I'm never going back to Lanier again." I said, scooting further onto the couch.

"I just can't believe you quit. Where will you work, Bart's not the kind of person that would take you back."

"I don't know... Paris?" I asked.

"Jordan, you can't speak french."

"Vraiment? Je ne peux parler français?" he chuckled then sighed.

"Ok, you can. But, why France? Why not stay in America... you could even go back to Grey." he mumbled the last part.

"I'm never setting another foot in Grey." I replied. "And... I don't know... I just feel so drawn to France. I love it there, when I used to go as a kid, and when I went when I was older. It's like a second home."

"Well, you have expensive taste."

"So I've been told." I replied. I thought about it for a while then sighed. "I'm going to France... specifically, Paris."

"Well.... don't forget about me, Mojo Jojo." I chuckled and smiled.

"I won't, Matty." I hung up and went to my room. I immediately got my VS duffle bag and put some clothes into it. I was ready for a trip, away from all of the stress in New York, and just relax in little Paris. I'd stay at the old apartment, Cameron's definitely not going there. And I could just walk around and actually have fun, something I was lacking for months.


I got on the airplane and sat at a window seat in first class. I settled in and rested my head on the headrest. I figured I'd drift off a little until someone called my name. "Jordan?" it was familiar, like family. I looked over to the isle and saw Nona. "Oh gosh, it is you!" she sat down and hugged me tight.

"Nona!" I kissed her cheek then pulled apart. "How are you?"

"Could be better." she replied, rolling her weary eyes. The fasten seat belts light dinged and the flight attendant told us to buckle them. We did and focused back on each other, again.

"Why? Is Cameron not treating you right?" I asked, worried. She shook her head and chuckled.

"I'm fine, it's Cameron that needs the treating." I looked at her, confused and she chuckled. "You have no clue, do you?" I shook my head.

"No." We took off, smoothly.

"Jordan, Cameron's been so distraught without you. He drank and never went to work all the days. He'd cry so often, he was just a wreck without you... you kept him moral...." I sighed.

"I-I didn't know... I'm sorry." she laughed a little.

"Jordan, you never did one thing wrong in this relationship. You were good to him, he messed up. And this is his punishment..... but I need to help him before he takes a turn for the worst." I nodded, understandingly. I actually feel bad for him.

"It's funny.... I was heading to Paris at our old apartment to take a break from New York... he's there?" she nodded. I sighed. "Figures. Fate just has a way of making us meet again." she smiled and held my hand.

"Believe it or not, you two need each other more than man needs air in his lungs..." she smiled to herself and leaned back.



"Can I come with you... to um... talk to him, maybe?" I was a little nervous about her reaction but she just chuckled.

"Of course, child."

We landed in Paris, around 12:00pm, and immediately got our stuff. It was weird, but I was eager to see Cameron. I really shouldn't, but thinking about his face just made me smile.

We caught a taxi to the apartment and stayed silent until we got there. "Are you ready?" Nona asked me, concerned. She was looking down at my sweaty and shaky palms. I nodded and licked my lips.

"Yup." we got out of the cab and walked up the steps. I took in a deep breath as she pulled out the key. She opened it and we walked up the stairs.

"Don't be scared, Jordan..."

"I'm not... I just haven't seen him in half a year." I bitterly chuckled and went up to the door. "Here goes..." She opened the door and a man with shaggy hair, bags under his eyes, and an ingrowing beard, looked up, surprised. "Cameron?"

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