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Her dark auburn hair whips me in the eye. Shit I gasp loud enough so she can hear. My hands slipping from her forearm making us fall in a heap on the red cushioned crash mat.

"Harry, Effy. What are you guys doing? Harry you have to hold her on the up rise so that she's steady enough to shift her weight!" Coach Louis yells from across the room. His voice is sharp as it bangs off the thick walls that encompass the gymnasium.

Our station is set up on the other end, two large mats and a spotting block for Effy's elevation trick. The competition is only in a few weeks and we need to perfect our routine.

"Yes coach!" Effy shouts, setting back up the mats and putting chalk on her hands so we don't slip.

"Sorry coach." I quietly say. He probably can't hear me he's already onto the next athlete, spotting a girl for her double twist.

"Effy you have to tie up your hair higher. It's blinding me when we do the 3 point turn."

"You know how much I hate my hair up."

"I don't mind it." I shrug, whiping my hands back into the chalk bucket and stepping onto the mat. We've practised this skill all week and we still can't seem to get it. "Alright let's do five more and then move onto the flying double back. I need to work on my hip rotation."

She grabs my hand, her foot stepping on my hip as I squat down hoisting her above my head. I toss her in the air only to catch her frail body soon after she does her 1/2 twist. Grabbing the spot in her arm the way coach told me to she presses into a straddled handstand as I press my foot into her hip.

"Bet you'd like to rotate your hips into Ashley." She smirks at me, as I toss her back into the air, but the instant imagine of my hips slowly rolling into Ashley's core makes me almost moan in excitement. The images of me making her gasp and squirm under my thrusts makes me lose my focus.

They way I'd lather my tongue along her soft slick skin, nibbling on the sensitive part of the nape of her neck. I'd whisper in her ear how good she's taking me. I'd kiss along her collar bones, I'd-

"Harry!" I hear a shrink and jump to the side as I see Effy on her back on top of the red crash mats! "You prick you didn't catch me!", but as I watched her lying there with her tangled, sweaty hair, and her dark black make up smeared I can't help but laugh.

Her face lightens up as I point to the mirror and she turns around looking at her appearance. "You're an asshole." She says laughing in between the words.

"It was your fault." I point out. "If you didn't mention Ashley I wouldn't of thought of her and-"

"That fall was wicked! A solid 8-10!"

"Hi Kiara." Effy and I say in unison.

Kiara and Effy are the only two girls I'm able to speak to without the tensing of the jaw, or sweaty palms. I've known them both all my life. "Kiara, Effy, you all look amazing today."

"Hi Dylan." We all say in unsion. He strides over, his chest exposed, the abs on display as he sticks his hands into the chalk bin before slipping his arm around Kiera.

"Saw your fall Effs. If I was your partner I'd never let you fall. In fact I'd set you down on more places than one."

"Fuck off Dylan." Effy hisses. Her eyes rolling as she fixes her gymsuit.

"Are you guys ready for the competition? I know me and Kiara are." He smirks down at an annoyed Kiara, her hands pushing away from his chest but he won't let her go.

"We're only ready because I have to drag you to early morning practice."

"I only come because I love seeing you fresh out of bed." He makes kissy faces towards her as she finally escapes from his sweaty grasp.

No one really likes Dylan. He's a dick. We talk to him because he is one of the best in the gym. He's definitely, stronger than me, his abs an obvious give away. I mean I have abs, but not his abs. He says he gets girls, but he brings made of stories to training every day.

"O'Brien, Styles. You guys are slacking today! I want to see an hour of upper body and 30 minutes of quads!" We both groan as the girls laugh, scurrying off to flexibility.

"Yes coach!" He shouts, and I quickly nod.


My stomach is on fire, as we continue our crutches. 95, 96...

"Three more Styles. Don't pussy out!" Dylan shouts as he adds another 10lbs weight. Show off.

I could barely breathe through the pain, the 300 abs pyramid obviously getting to me. I hadn't worked out this hard in weeks. No matter how hard Effy tries I haven't had much motivation.

"Done!" Dylan shouts, jumping up to do an unneeded extra set of 30 push ups.

"Can we go now?"

"Sure bud!" His chest was dripping with sweat as we said bye to coach and headed to the change rooms. I was beat, my whole body aching.

As we got changed, skipping the showers and deciding on showering at home I couldn't help but want to ask Dylan a question. He was talking amongst the other boys about a "model" he "hooked up" with, and although he might be lying, there is still a possibility its true.

"Hey Dylan." I wave him over.


"I have a question."

"Sure." He kneels down to take his Nike shoes, taking the towel in his hand and cleaning them of scuffs and marks.

"It's about..." I was too shy to say it. The idea of asking him about girls and sex is nerve racking.

"What? Girls?"

I nodded furiously to avoid actually saying it. His hands dropped the shoes and towel and a wide smile peeled across his face.

"Welcome!" He shouts, his hands gripping onto my shoulders, "I've been waiting for this day young Styles!" His laughs are loud and obnoxious. I couldn't help but look around the now empty change room. "I could kiss you right now! If my penis didn't only respond to girls!"

"What?" I was already confused.

"Nevermind. What was your question?"

"Well..." The feeling was back, the tensing of my jaw, the sweat in my hands. I wasn't sure if it was nerves or just the excitement of Ashley, "I've liked this girl for a while.."

"Yes, go no."

"And- well- I think I want to ask her out?"

"And you want to know how?"

There I went again, nodding.

"Is she into you?"

My eyes dropped to his fallen shoes as I played with my nails. He must of picked up on my nervousness, and embarrassment.

"She doesn't even know you exist does she?"


"Then Harry, my brother, friend, soon to be sex maniac. Make yourself known!"

"But how?" I was confused. Surely he knew that I was unpopular. Someone like Ashley would never date anyone like me. I couldn't even tell her the page of a text book before I came in my pants.

"Oh Harry. Poor inexperienced Harry. Follow me!" His hands grabbed my forearm, pulling me out of the men's changeroom.

"Where are we go-" But I already knew, he was leading us to the girl's change room. "You can't just go into the- " but before I could stop him his shoulder pushed open the door, revealing a shirtless Effy and a pantless Kiera.

"GIRLS!" He shouted. My hands quickly came up to cover my eyes, not wanting to be apart of any of this, "I HAVE MADE MYSELF KNOWN!"

We duck as profanity and shoes come flying at us. We fall outside of the change room and land in a heap on the floor. "That's -" Dylan laughs clutching his stomach, "Is how you get a girls attention. That is how you make yourself known."

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