Chapter 22

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"What are we Lucas?"

"You are mine and I am yours. No one can touch you as I do and know one will give you the pleasure I give you. You are going to be my wife and bare my children. you are my everything.

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Lucas Pov

Nikki's warm nude body lay on top of mine. She was sleeping away her exhaustion. I stroked her bare back with my fingertips. She is my everything. She has finally opened up for me. Going through all her layers was a risky task to do. I had to take the chance. But reaching her personal non guarded center has been and is a treat.

I want and am going to take everything slow. I don't want to scare her back into her shell.

Next month on her birthday I am going to fly her parents in and have a big surprise party for her. Haylee said that she normally works all day and at night she spends her time drinking red wine and watching reruns of her favorite t.v. show. Haylee put it is as living the boring bachelor life.

Sleep finally took me away depriving me away from my thoughts.

,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,','.,'.'.'.,',.',.',.',.',.',',.',.',.,.sometime in the morning.',,'.,.*.*,,.**,*.**,*.*,***,.**.*,*.,*.

Nikki POV

The smell of bacon and pancakes woke me up from my slumber. I was tucked into the bed laying on the pillow used by Lucas. I sat up on the bed and saw Lucas's shirt laying on the floor by the other side of the bed. I put it on.

"Kitten you are awake. I was about to take it to you." A shirtless Lucas said.

"Mmmh." was my acknowledgement.

I went to the counter where my really yummy smelling breakfast lay.

Lucas came behind me from nowhere and cornered me.

"It seems Cara isn't a morning person." he said against my neck.

"No I am not and you should be ashamed of yourself, you tired me out."

I turned my body towards him only to see him smiling his crooked smile.

"It was my pleasure and duty darling."

Lucas took my coffee and plate onto the table and sat down. I followed him like a lost puppy. He stole Jerry.

I went for the coffee when Lucas pulled me down on his lap and fed me the rest of my breakfast.


*A F*E*W H*O*U*R*S L*A*T*E*R

"Lucas! Get out! Get out! Hurry!"

Lucas just leaned against the door with an amused look on his face. "What is the hurry darling, wheres the fire?".

"There is no fire yet but if you don't leave right now there is going to be one."

He walked towards me, "What do you mean.?"

"Lucas just listen to me you ha-..."

Knock Knock.

"Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with honey mustard on top. They are here."


"Ok Lucas, listen and be a good boy. You are going t-..."

"First of all kitten I am not a little boy, I have nothing little about me. Secondly don't treat me like a child because I'll show you how much of a man I am."

He crashed his lips on mine and battled for dominance. He nipped my lips and let his lips travel down my neck sucking on my sweet spot.

"Lucas mmh stop my my parents ar- are at the door."

"Should of said that from the very beginning Nikki. Now you look all flustered and have swollen lips and lets not mention all my love bites covering your delicious body."

That didn't help with my internal battle currently brewing a storm inside of me. If my parents saw Lucas they would immediately start asking questions. 

I went towards the door and tried to fix my hair around my neck to somehow conceal the love bites. Once I was sorta of satisfied I opened the door.

"Good morning mom, good morning dad."

"Good Morning Nikki, How have you been? Have you been eating? You look skinny. Don't tell me Haylee has been stealing your food again."

"Yes mom, I have been eating." I sighed. " I've been great." Yeah the blush on my face doesn't help. "-and finally No Haylee hasn't been stealing my food. I learned my lesson with that greedy monster. Once you let her have the first bite she'll get hooked and never let go. "

A noise in the from the living room diverted there attention to the currently still shirtless Lucas trying to clean up the mess I created in my haste.

"And who might this be?" my mom asked with a smirk on her face.

"Oh he is.... the maid? Yes, Yes the maid."

"Oh why is he shirtless then."

"He is part of a new company that provides nice shirtless guys to do your chores for you.?"

She looked at me skeptically.

They came inside and went directly to Lucas.

"And who might you be young man?"

"Well currently I am trying to get some brownie points with your daughter and follow her ridiculous plan."

"But that doesn't answer my question , boy." my dad stated.

"I am Ceo and owner of Landon corp. My family originated from a small town in Italy near Greece. Your daughter captivated my attention since the first time I saw her."

"So what are your intentions with my daughter?"

"My intentions are to make her my bride." Lucas said.

"I hope you know son, that she isn't an easy women to win over.''

"I know. I found out the hard way."

You may ask where I was when all this was taking place. I was hiding my face in my hands while my mom rubbed my back.

"Don't worry honey he's passing with flying colors. Soon you will be planning the wedding of your dreams. "

That didn't make me feel any better. I had a feeling that what she said was going to be true. Only time will tell.


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