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It was a dark evening. Outside, hard rain sounds, even though it is spring.

Street lights that were spread everywhere lit up the dark streets.

On that street was a small cafe. A popular cafe where children and students and adults alike came to eat. It was always busy and there was plenty to do.

The clock that hung on the beige painted wall of the cafe was hitting 10 o'clock in the evening. One of the employees looked at it for a moment before she sighed and walked towards the entrance of the café.

On the doorway hung a sign, which she turned around with her right hand when she reached the door.

Closed, it said now.

Suddenly, someone tapped her shoulder, causing her to flinch, gasp, and put her hand on her chest in shock. She took a deep breath before turning herself around. "Eunji! You scared me!"

Hwang Eunji, the colleague she gets along with the best. She is also one of her best friends. They also often meet together to talk and hang out. Eunji is also in the same school as Jiwoo.

Today she and her had to work the evening shift together. Now that it was closing time, they had to go clean up the café.

"Jiwoo, if you will clean the tables and I will clean up the trash? Then the tasks will be divided fairly." Eunji suggested as she wore a smile on her face.

Jiwoo, the girl who was greatly shocked by her colleague earlier, smiled back. "It's okay, Eunji," Jiwoo spoke, "I'll do everything. You can just go home."

Jiwoo was the caring but also the cheerful type of girl that you will quickly want to be friends with, despite the fact that she quickly falls into the shadows among the people who are more popular than her

Eunji shrugged her shoulders. "Are you sure? It's quite a lot, though." She asked as she looked around the place, seeing that there was much to clean;

Napkins still on some tables, crumbs from food and lots of unshoved chairs.

Jiwoo looked around the place before put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "I'm sure," she said as she smiled at her.

Her friend bowed once before opening the door that was behind Jiwoo and leaving the café. "Thank you. Bye Jiwoo!"

She threw her hood of her coat over her head, running through the hard rain and out of the street. Jiwoo waved at her for a moment before she disappeared out of sight.


While Jiwoo was busy cleaning the tables in the cafe with some calming music on, there was a sudden sound of a door opening.

It was closing time and the sign in front of the door also showed that the cafe was closed at this time. Weird, since no one comes while the cafe is closed.

"Sorry, we're closed!" Jiwoo called out as she continued with what she was doing.

"Jiwoo!" Someone shouted.

Jiwoo frowned her eyebrows as she heard a familiar voice shouting her name. She put the cloth she was cleaning the tables with down on the table, turned off the music with her phone and turned herself around.

Her eyes widened, seeing who it was.

"Jake!" She smiled broadly when she saw him standing there. She quickly ran towards him and wrapped her arms around him as soon as she reached him. A hug. A big and warm hug.

Even though his coat was wet from the rain, she didn't care. She missed his embrace.

Jake put his arms around her too. Jiwoo put her chin on his shoulders while standing on her toes, she was for sure a lot smaller than him. Jake gave her a few pats on the back while smiling too.

He was her best friend. He was definitely gone for about a month because he was going to do an internship in another country, Australia to be exact. He had waited so surely 2 years for that. They had talked on the phone every day since Jake had disappeared from the country. That way they could still be together, even though they were far away from each other.

Jiwoo hadn't expected Jake to be back so soon, since she wasn't expecting him to return until next week. Apparently, his internship was over earlier than expected.

"Surprise!" Jake said as he giggled and gave his best friend a few pats on her back.

Jiwoo also giggled as she interrupted the hug. She gave him a playful slap on his chest. "I never expected you to come this early!" she said, "Jake, why didn't you say anything?!"

Jake had to laugh at his friend's reaction. "I wanted to surprise you," he said.

"You succeeded!" She replied as she giggled, "Would you like a drink, by the way? You must be thirsty," Jiwoo offered after that, "And we can also catch up about how your internship went."

Jake nodded while still wearing that huge, sweet smile of his on his face. "Sounds great," He replied, "Let's do that."

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