Ch. 3: "The Broken Promise"

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Ch. 3: "The Broken Promise"
Natsu's POV

I climb inside Lucy's house from the window for the first time in what seemed like forever. I search for her, but the room is deserted. All her stuff was gone too. Does she plan on leaving?! Nah, she wouldn't do that. But then why... I look for an answer and I find it on her bed in the form of a note. It said:

"Dear Natsu,
If you are reading this, that means you've snuck into my room and that I've decided to leave the guild. I feel very ashamed of you. You swore that you would protect your nakama. You swore you would protect me. But you didn't. Instead, you did the exact opposite. Were you lying? Was it an empty, broken promise? Someday, I will show you that you are wrong. I swear by it. And it isn't a broken promise like yours.

Your Enemy,
Lucy Heartfillia

I gasped at the hateful message in my hands. Still shocked, I ran to the guild with the letter in my hands. I got there just in time to see Gramps announcing something. "Just in time Natsu! Listen up, brats! One of our family members has left us because you guys have been ignoring her and calling her weak, useless and more. No one deserves that!" Murmurs broke out within the crowd of guild members. "Who is it?!" Somebody shouted. "RIDICULOUS! You don't even know who it is! It was LUCY HEARTFILLIA! I am very ashamed and disgusted to even be here in this guild. I too shall leave!!!!" People gasped and cried out with despair. Several people also went up to the stage and said they were leaving too. It was shocking. Master, Mira, Wendy, Gajeel, Levy, Laxus, Lisanna, Lily and Carla were all leaving for Lucy?!
Lucy's POV

I felt tears of joy slide down my face as my true friends stood up for me, going as far as to leave the guild. I could still remember my conversation with Master..


Lucy: Master, I would like to leave the guild.. *explains what happened*

Master: WHAT?! Unbelievable! I am disgusted to be their guild master! I shall leave with you

Lucy: WHAT? Well, if you want too.. *starts sobbing* THANK YOU MASTER!!


I stood up and turned to walk out the door. I heard someone shout my name and I turn to see Mira and the others running to catch up to me. "W-We're c-c-coming too!" she said out of breath. I smiled a real smile and with the support of my friends, I stepped out of Fairy Tail with a new determination.

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