Vecna/Kas the Bloody Handed Character Information:

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Guess you all shouldn't be surprised by this. But unless you have any better ideas, let me know alright.

And seeing in the pictures, this is the picture of Vecna from Dungeons and Dragons. And I am trying any world of Isekai to implement him.

Or just go original and say **** it.

Well, regardless, here is another character information.

But I really, really want to try something really. Like...

What about How Not To Summon the Demon King.

Or Maou-Sama Retry.

Or Transported to Another World With My Smartphone?

Or Deathmarch...

Or maybe, Gate...

Or whatever...

Dude, the possibilities are seriously endless here and I don't what to do...

What to do...

What to ******* do...

Well, anyways.




Actually, you know what? After I have that bouts with Asmodeus, my other OC character, I'll think I'll try Kuroinu.

Unless you have any better ideas, let me know, alright.

Name: Vecna

Title: The Arch-Lich

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Title: The Arch-Lich. The Undead God. The Master of the Spider Throne. The Whispered One. The Lord of the Rotted Tower. The Undying King.

Character Information:
An undead and rotting Lich of unprecedented power and authority, Vecna is no ordinary Lich. He is not only the undead lord of Cavitus but also a full-on deity of unimaginable power and is a Lich that cannot be easily killed by normal means.

Thought, in reality, Vecna is nothing more than just a YGGDRASIL Player who not only roleplay a powerful high-level Lich Avatar but also a player that had abused so much loophole to make him a Lich that cannot be easily by something a normal Lich, even high-leveled one, would so easily fell.

However, just when the server finally shut down, he not only found himself in a new world, turned into his player Avatar and his city of Cavitus has become all too real but...

No wait. That's just it.

However, not only is he transported to another world but also to a Hentai that he is firmly recognized: Kuroinu, a dark fantasy hentai where an asshole named Vult succeed in usurping of the Seven Shield Alliance and creating a 'Sex Empire'.

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