Never Knew I Needed You (Dave Franco Fan Fic)

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So this is my Dave Franco Fan Fic. If I don't update that often, it's because I have 2 other books I'm working on, and trying to come up with a sequel for my first book. This fan Fic was created 2/3/13. I hope you like it :). Enjoy or Hate, whichever you want, lots of love :)xXx


We all have a guy-bestfriend; that Ron and Kim friend, where we've known each other forever and we've always been besties. We always end up falling for them...well my best friend is Dave Franco. Yeah the actor. We went to school together, and I'd always had a major crush on him, I mean look at him, he's cute, but that's not what I liked about him, I liked him for his personality. In college we had every class together, we were both in drama, the only reason he chose drama was because his brothers manager forced him in there.

I never thought any of this would happen, I didn't think he would just ditch me when he was offered popularity. The boy I really liked, my best friend ditched me.

Well if I'm gonna tell this story right, I'll have to start where it all started...College.


This is only the prologue the story will be on chapter one. Well Enjoy. 2/3/13 :)xXx

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