Zircah - that asshole Elder. Kerbuic angels - translated from enochian is "The Strong Ones." important angels. Brooke - (from the first novel) the teacher. Joseph and Elizabeth - (main characters from the first novel) Gabriel's cover parents.

The Dancer by Christopher Ferrei is the hypnotising piece Lonny plays on the piano.


Chapter 24

The Ball

My eyes travelled ceremoniously across the cloud like dress I was adorned in - and I use that term lightly because I wasn't willing to wear it. It was, without a doubt frighteningly beautiful but it was too tight for comfort. I smoothed my hands along the white ruffling fabric at my waist and upward along the lace clinging to my upper waist and bust. If it weren't for the situation, I would probably love it. But of course, when did I ever feel the need to agree with anyone here?

"Alexis, we're late."

Smiling, I caught Fey's eye in the mirror and said, "I know."

"We're late to your ball."

"Well the party won't start then will it? And besides we're only late by ten minutes. We're only missing people walking in. And I'm almost done anyway let me just put this stupid crown on."

Fey walked further into the room shaking her head and I narrowed my eyes at the box in her hands. "You're not wearing that one tonight."

"What do you mean that one?" I said slowly backing away from her as if she were about to pull a rat out of the box. "What's that?"

"Your crown for tonight. Here,"

And as soon as she pulled it out I grimaced. "Please no."

"It's barely any different from the one you where every other day."

"It's.... it's bigger and it's gold now. Plus they really complete my bands don't they?" I grumbled glancing at my forearms.

"Barely and because it has to be and sure why not." She said placing it on my head. "There. Now we can go, come on before I get into trouble."

With Fey yanking on my hand I glanced at my reflection one last time, moving my braided hair over my shoulder, and followed her out. Fey looked gorgeous though in her cute floor length cream gown. I refused to let her wear the same gowns as the other servient's at the ball and asked a dressmaker to make her something slightly similar to mine but in cream. The tailor didn't disappoint.

Making our way down to the Elder's Keep, Fey released my hand and started trailing behind me. The halls surround us were empty and silent and for some reason I suddenly became very, very nervous. Outside the large doors were guards, standing as still as the air around them.

"Um..." I hadn't been told much, only to come through these doors - like fifteen minutes ago, whoops - and walk through the middle whatever that meant. They must have redesigned the Keep for the ball.

Fey gave me a reassuring pat on my shoulder. "It'll be easy."

Will it, Fey? Will it?

The guards both moved to grab the door handles and I took the deepest of breaths and held it when they opened the doors.

Oh, wow. Changed The Keep was an understatement. They made it into a fairy tale. I couldn't take my eyes off the ceiling. Gold and white. Everything was gold and white. Lights, chandeliers, candles, murals whatever beautiful object you could imagine embellished the high ceilings and the walls. There were no longer pews aisled all the way across the vast hall but instead along the sides were circled tables and chairs and the middle of the hall was a floor tiled with a pattern I hadn't noticed before this day. Where the Elder's chairs were on that fateful sentencing day, were now angles playing instruments, their wings out curled around their bodies trembling along with the magnificent sounds emanating from their fingers and mouths.

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