Authors Note

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Well you should now the basics.
(N/n) - Nickname
(F/n) - first name
(L/n) - last name
(H/c) - hair color
(E/c) - eyecolor
(S/c) - skin color
(F/c) - favorite color
(F/t) - favorite top
(F/b) - favorite bottoms
(F/j) - favorite jewelry
(F/s) - favorite shoes
(P.o.v) - point of view
(H/l) - hair length

I hope I didn't miss anything lol. Also this is my story do not copy or I'll report and block you.

Also I really don't know much about the show so sorry if I make mistakes lol cx this is my VERSION of Attack on Titan.

Also I don't like any of the titans so I'll be basing this on my own stuff.

I'll make Levi poor, Erwin rich, and you normal so yea...

This is gonna be when they are young like teens and not old people lol even though Levi will only look the same....

Haha cx I'll be updating as soon as I can haha.

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