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"Black all around me. It was all that was there. But then a mysterious figure jumped out at me. it was a white wolf with glowing electric green eyes. she was beautiful. The wolf stood in a stance probably meant to make me feel comfortable. But I just couldn't help that fact that I had been locked in the same pitch black room for 2 years now. Even though the wolf looked sweet and caring I just couldn't help thinking that it might suddenly jump at me and tear my throat out. While thinking this the wolf had made her way closer to me a lovely distracting baby blue mist flowed out behind her when she walked. " I am not here to hurt you..." a voice sounded in my head. Out of pure curiosity I reached out my hand and touched her muzzle. Her fur felt like silk under my fingertips except that it was softer than silk. It felt like what I had imagined a cloud to feel like. When my Hand went straight through her. A strange feeling then coursed through my body. I watched as the wolf slowly disappeared and bringing my hand up I noticed that it was giving off a faint blue glow. The same color of the mist that had flowed from behind the wolf as she had walked.
I felt shots of pain rack my body. I then let out a scream as my arm bent at an odd angle hearing the bone "pop" as it broke. Another scream of agony shot out my mouth as I laid on the cold cement floor of my so called "room", my body withering in agony as I was furled in a ball with sweat covering every inch of my body. After what felt like an eternity but what was probably only a few hours the pain had subsided and I had a strange feeling in my gut. I looked down at what should have been my hands but instead there were small pure white paws in their place.The pain soon subsided and I was left lying on the cold cement floor. There was something different about me I could feel it. But what was it?

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