Siall <3

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Summer's pov

Do I turn you on and on when I kiss you baby does the side of me wanting you drive you crazy do I have your love am I still in love tell me dont I or tell me do I baby give you everything that you ever wanted.

I sang along to my radio that was blasting Do I. I loved this song. I wish Niall was here. Normaly he would be helping me finish what I was cooking or putting his arms around my waist distracting me from cooking. Ugh I miss him so much. Let me explain.


Told in 3rd person

Niall walked into Summer's apartment after knocking.

"Hey babe we need to talk." Niall spoke after finding her. Summer feared this day would come. Clearly Niall was going to break up with her after not being able to stand her much longer.

"O-Okay." Summer stuttered over her own words as she felt the tears coming on.

"Listen my grand-mum is really sick. They dont think she will make it much longer. So I am flying up there to see her." Niall said as tears bulit in his own eyes.

"Aw Niall it's ok." Summer pulled him into a hug." Go be with your grand-mum I will be here when you get back. I hope she will be ok."

"Me too. Thanks for understanding." Niall then kissed Summer on the lips and left.

Flashback over.

Hannah had come over later that day crying. Summer already knew why but she knew Hannah would want to talk about it. Now Hannah and Niall was in Ireland far from London.

Hey Han is she ok? :(

No, they say she wont make it through the night :'(

To: Carebear
Aw babes I'm sorry listen it will get better.

From: Carebear
I hoped she would get better

To: Carebear
I know life will get better though xx

From: Carebear
I gotta go somethings wrong.

Wow thanks now I am bored again. I really felt bad for them. I hated that I couldn't be there for my friend or boyfriend but I knew I woukd just be a third wheel.

From: Hazza
Wanna come over to mine everyone is here.

Right when I was about to reply I got a message from Hannah.

From: Carebear
She's gone :'(

To: Hazza
I would but Hannah and Niall's grand-mum just died I'm gonna message or skype them

To: Carebear
Aw babes I am so sorry skype me yeah?

From: Hazza
Understandable tell em we are thinking of them yeah?

To: Hazza
Alright bye

From: Carebear
Alright xxx

I logged onto my skype and got a call from carebear_mtdew. That was Hannah. I clicked accept.

H- Hey

Hannah and Niall both had red eyes from crying and it almost made me cry seeing them.

S- Hey are you guys ok

N- We will be. I know it will take awhile.

H- Dont lie Ni. Its bad they dont want us at the funeral cause they said its bad for us.

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