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yall hadn't noticed, i made a moondrop x reader story so if you wanna check that out. you can.

also to clarify, 1 you are not a robot.

2 sunny is not removed from the story, i just usually hate storys where the person shows up out of nowhere only because the story is about them. and it wouldn't make sense for sunny to just show up right now? yknow ok.

thank you guys sooooo much for 100k reads. ive just been struggling with school but i wanted to get this out 💞

freddys eyes lit up, embarrassment flooding in them. " i am grateful she is alive. " he shook his head, looking down at you with a solemn look. " i'm sorry i had not realised i said such an insensitive thing. "

you waved him off, telling him it was okay before standing up and immediately being engulfed in a hug by gregory. though he was short and his head only met your waist, he clung on for dear life.

" you're already too both ways. " you loved the kid. when you guys made it out in a few hours, he would kinda be your new son almost but he was really clingy.

" back to the topic at hand, why would vanny let you go? she had you right where she wanted. " freddy interrupted me and gregorys hug with a much needed question.

you for one, didn't understand why she had let you go when she could've tore you apart into pieces right there and then.

" maybe..she has a plan? where nobody can be there or something. " you looked to your right at gregory. he had ran to save you even though he could've gotten hurt.

" that would make sense. sorta. " gregory nodded at freddy, climbing inside his chest cavity while freddy continued speaking.
" but now we gotta go back to what we were doing. "

" and what was that? " you put your hands on your hips, grinning at freddy.
" go back to me dying? "

" no! i am being so insensitive today and i apologize. " freddy put his hands out in defense, shaking his head.

you laughed as he stared at you, waiting for you to respond with something witty.

" freddy i think you're being too paranoid today. " you told him, walking away with a slight bounce in your step. you may have almost died but of course they knew how to make you feel a little better. 

" well i'd just rather not upset you. " his voice boomed from behind you and you heard the clanking of his metal feet following you.

" so what's the plan? " you asked, nearing an area that required some sort of pass.

" to stop vanny basically. " you heard gregory's voice from inside freddy, making it seem sort of echoey.

freddy looked down at his chest hatch, a small smile forming on his face as he looked back up to you.

" what gregory said. " you laughed, admiring the twos closeness. of course freddy is a robot but he was still very polite.

" 'kay, and how are we going to do that? " you asked, a slight raise in your voice near the end of your sentence.

" i don't exactly know-" freddy was cut off by an excited gregory.

"oo! oo! i know! " the chest plates opened, gregory bouncing out to stand infront of you. " what she did to you. we reverse it and do it to her! " he smiled to himself, glad he thought up such a great plan.

" we turn them against her. " you held your hand out so gregory could high five you. he gladly accepted, a loud smack echoing throughout the open auditorium.

" exactly what i was gonna say. " you giggled at his abbreviations, ruffling his hair. gregory grinned, his white teeth shining at you before he turned to freddy. " how do you feel about that plan freddy? "

freddy seemed startled by the sudden mention of him, looking down at gregory. " oh! yeah i like it. " he answered, a nervous smile upon his face.

" you weren't even listening were you? " you rolled your eyes, a ghost of a smile appearing on your face instantly after.

" i was. " freddy grinned back at you but your moment was interrupted by the lights suddenly shutting off. " oh the daycare assistant..i almost forgot. " freddy spoke, reminding you that he can roam at the start of every hour.

you thought back to sunny, a smile appearing on your features and a slight blush as you thought of the moments you two shared..alone.

but now, you left him which he probably wasn't happy with.

you frowned at the thought, not liking the idea of sunny being mad at you. he wasn't too mad that often but he was overprotective and liked to keep you in his sights.

your thoughts were interrupted as you felt a warm hand pull at your hand.

" come on y/n! we got to get to the charging station. " oh yeah. you suddenly remembered the situation you were in and let gregory drag you to a safe place while freddy ran into the charging station.

gregory ducked down, pulling you with him. you watched as the moon looked around, unable to locate you or gregory.

he only stayed for a bit before disappearing due to freddy charging up. you honestly didn't understand the idea of that but shook the thought off your mind as it was the last thing you needed to deal with at the moment.

freddy spotted you two, walking over at a pretty slow pace (as to not attract any other animatronics over you were guessing. ) he stopped next to you, peering down at you both.

" he's gone, we should go now. " freddy suggested with a slightly more energetic tone than a few minutes ago. you agreed, grabbing gregory's hand and pulling him up to hold him next to you.

he sure did like to latch onto a lot but you didn't mind.

freddy began walking away and you looked down at gregory, a smile forming on your face.

he looked up at you from having his face stuffed in your shirt and smiled back, tightening the hug.

" lets go gregory. " he nodded, you two still hand in hand as you followed freddy.

" i'm glad to have a new home, with you. " your smile widened as the boy spoke those words, your eyes crinkling under the pressure.

" who could say no to you? " you booped his nose, expecting to leave it at that. 

" watch out y/n! "

cliffhanger ☠️

sorry i haven't updated in a century.

ive been stressed with school and not only that i have really bad self esteem. i havent been feeling myself all year and it just makes school stressful.

OF COURSE im happy. i just wished i was a bit more likeable and pretty 


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