Chapter 3 ~Three Musketeers and the bad guy

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Now take your seats, or spots standing because here is a short bonding chapter between Chrissy and The Three Musketeers, a.k.a Embry, Quil, and Jake. So be prepared for something so outrageously short that you won't want to wait for next weeks chapter. Yeah I'm a dork! Enjoy! Be sure to vote as well, and comment what you think oh and feel free to follow, I mean you don't have to but feel free. Oh and if you want to know how Chrissy messed up Sam's hair read my story Pain Fest. Which is supposed to be the first story but yeah. Enjoy!

Chrissy POV:

I pulled up at the Blacks place on my motorcycle and sighed watching the guys run out, I put on a smile and waved.

"I actually thought you were gonna stand us up for Jared" Jared? Oh shit! The project!

"We agreed for later not now, plus when would I ever miss a chance to look at a car, and tell 'car experts' they're doing it wrong" I smirked at them Jacob narrowed his eyes

"Nice bike" Embry said I smiled proudly

"Thanks this is my baby" I said patting my motorcycle.

"Okay well come on in the garage" Quil said as they ran off. Okay Chrissy showtime make sure you're their bestfriend by the end of today. I walked into the garage looking around. There were a bunch of parts all over.

"Must be weird seeing all this stuff up close huh?" Quil asked well more like stated I glanced over at him raising an eyebrow

"You kidding this place is like junkyard heaven, I mean I may be a girl but don't underestimate my love for cars, trucks, or bikes." Jacob nodded with pride at his garage. Quil looked at me with disbelief, and Embry looked at me with a dazed look. I smirked.

"You're quite the gal aren't ya?" Jacob said I shook my head

"No I just like cars more than shopping, I mean why go shopping when my 'mom' does for me? I can just sit back relax, play soccer, or play videogames"  they nodded impressed

"You know Embry has his motorbike here and I have two motorcycles what do you say we all go for a ride?" Jacob asked I cocked an eyebrow and nodded

"Sure" we went and rode a while down a dirt road until we all came to a stop. We all sat on our motorcycles still just looking at the dark forest that is now my second home.

"So Jake, hows Bella?" Quil asked

"Shut up" he blushed

"Bella who?" I asked confused

"Bella Swan Jakes gotta thing for her" Bella Swan? Where have I heard that name be- Oh wait leach lover

"Swan the girl who's dating Cullen?" I asked. They nodded

"Yeah I don't get why she likes him he's a freak" Quil continued

"Him and his whole family, they're not just freaks they're dangerous" I replied

"What do you mean?" Jake asked looking slightly worried, my eyes widened I said way too much shit!

"N-nothing they just give me the creeps, like they're all adopted but they look the same, same eyes, same pale faces, three of them look like Dr. Cullen's wife, the other two look like Dr. Cullen himself" I offered an explanation

"Never noticed that before" Embry said I nodded

"So what's the deal with you? You seem so independent but then other times you seem like a total sweetheart troublemaker that would never talk to any guy and yet your here with us, why do you do that?" Quil asked. Damn he's observant

"Um I don't know, I just okay you guys are pretty awesome, you three are like.... The Three Musketeers and I'm like the Bad Guy who will split you guys up, I feel like that's the main reason I avoid almost everyone" I replied looking up at them

"That can't be true, you couldn't split us up if you tried" Embry joked I looked at him and froze... He is gorgeous, his long dark brown hair goes perfect against his dark skin, his brown eyes seemed like a deep pool of chocolate, his smile lit up his entire face completely and it was the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen, his nose sat in the middle of his face just begging to be kissed... Shit! I suddenly lost my balance sitting on my bike and fell on my ass. All three of them jumped up.

"Maybe your right but I doubt it" I replied standing up. Quil immediately burst into uncontrollable laughter which caused me to laugh as well that's the thing with Quil and his curly perfectness and his cuteness he is always so cheery I love it!

"You alright?" Jake asked chuckling I smiled at him and nodded. Jake is just like a bucket full of sunshine, always so light and sweet and adorable, so fucking adorable like a puppy! I can't handle it!

"What happened?" Quil asked through laughter I narrowed my eyes

"He's just mad cause I'm not riding him" This cause Quil to laugh harder and the other two to start as well. I frowned confused. "What did I... THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT DAMN IT" I scolded

"Okay okay its not funny," Jacob said before bursting into another fit of laughter. I smirked

"Race ya back!" I yelled before speeding off on my motorcycle they all stopped laughing as I drove off, then I heard the roar of their engines

"Hey no fair you cheated!" Quil complained once they arrived back at Jakes garage I shrugged

"Hey what time is it?" Jake asked

"Um around 5 I think" Embry replied wow time went by pretty fast and.. Shit! Jared!

"Crap I gotta go meet Jared" I said they all frowned and I immediately felt bad "see you guys tomorrow or Sunday?" I asked in a hopeful tone. They instantly perked up and nodded
"Of course, see ya" Quil said smiling a cute ass grin I smirked then waved. I rode off to Jared's house. Which reminds me if I'm gonna be their best friend I need nicknames for them that only I can call them let's see what'll work for Jared?

Jar!! No too easy

Jarry! Nope

Jar Head? Yes that's it!

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