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I just finished editing chapter 1!!! Yay!! That took longer than I expected....But it ended up quadrupling in length. That chapter is close, if not totally, to my full potential. I am only 17 though, I am still learning. Seriously, I still have two years of English classes, not that biblical language helps me with my writing, but... Eh, whatever.

Also, the picture above, to the side, where ever the hell it is, is the cover for the sequel! I am sure some of you can get the gist just by the cover ;)

I am just starting on the first draft, I finished the very brief and undetailed outline a while ago and it looks like it is going to be about half the length of this book, about 20-something chapters. I might, however, extend it if I find the need to, but the chapters will definitely be long. Hopefully I can put more content into each chapter. I don't know about you guys, but I find a strange sense of fulfillment and happiness when I see a large chapter.

I do not know when I will be able to publish it though. I won't put out a date because when I do, it never goes that way. I was supposed to update my other book 'The Elf Among Dragons' about a week and a half ago... I just haven't been into writing lately. I was binge watching Sleepy Hollow, finishing some tests (Which I passed by the way!!!), preparing for Easter, driving lessons (I have another this Friday, then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday next week, but Friday is my test as well. Fingers crossed that I pass!!), and both my mother and I have to go to the salon to dye our hair...and my sister's birthday is tomorrow so I was busy making her cake as well (Which turned out great! Royal blue, hot pink, blank and white zebra print themed :) ).

One last thing, would you guys like me to inform you each time I edit and publish a chapter?

If so, I will use the message board since it's better than having a billion author's notes in this book. Or, if only a few people want to read the edited versions, I can message you.

Just let me know what ya'll want. There isn't going to be much changed in the edited versions, but there will probably be more fluff (Like I added a new 'flashback' scene to the first chapter). I will also probably do a recap chapter for the sequel as well.

Thank you guys! Hope ya'll have had a great day!

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