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'Becoming Popular'

It started when I had to do an article for the school paper to get into a good college and I suppose all you Redwood dudes and girls know me, I Sean Gregory just didn't do any form of articles to get into college. Hell I just snapped photos for the school paper and then bam! This article became my main priority-well that and passing Maths which is a bummer, am I right?

The main point was that I needed a good candidate and who better than the girl most of you knew as 'Matt's bet gone wrong'? Yeah, it was that kind of girl, the kind that no one had noticed for her entire schooling here at Redwood that was to be my subject whom I interviewed thoroughly and then got probably the best article ever. So maybe I was being some uncaring brute who was just going to use the nerd to help me get an A and get into college, but I am a 'bad boy'.

It was easier than I thought it would be. I spotted the brunette girl dashing through the hallways and then suddenly she was in the boys' toilets. Pretty disgusting and not to mention slightly desperate; I mean how many girls would actually run into the boys' toilets just to get a little action? Okay, so that was a bad reference and I'm probably going to be kicked off the team when this gets printed but hey, it's the truth in all eyes.

Vivienne Lanter was a name that was soon to be filling up everything I did. Not only did I score big time with someone to write about in the paper but I had also gotten someone to tutor me in Maths which I desperately needed to pass. And so in the weeks and months during which I helped the brunette geek who was known by approximately only two people and that included her mother, to become the blonde bombshell that all of you now know today.

It all started with her outer appearance which was simple enough to do, after all, under all that hair and glasses there's always a swan hiding behind the ugly duckling right? And then together with my help, Vivienne suddenly became the apple of every guy's eye. IT wasn't long before she was asked out by the lead swimmer of our school team, Dave Peterson but their relationship wasn't going to work out from the start-I would know.

Maybe it was because I was really the one who spent majority of my time with Vivienne or the fact that she was still trying to meet her confidence who had taken refuge in her closet, but Dave and Vivienne weren't really doing as great as everyone (including Dave) had thought. After all Vivienne was trying to come into terms with the fact that guys were into her and that it was okay to actually show off skin that wasn't necessarily on her hands.

And then there were all the parties and the trips to Venice and Paris (which were amazing) that had made everything seem so much more different to what it was. Vivienne had suddenly blossomed into this confident and beautiful girl who was beginning to make her own decisions, and suddenly, she wasn't so sure about her relationship with Dave.

But relationships aside, she was nominated for Prom Queen-not saying how or by whom (coughs-me)-and surprisingly (to Vivienne only) people actually voted for her so much that she had consequently won the title and crown at our Prom. But being the saint and good-hearted person she was, Vivienne had given up her crown to her competitor Jessica Hubert who although for majority of her life was Vivienne's enemy, was now a really good friend of hers.

Prom Queen was just part of Vivienne's transformation; there were also some bad times too and times where she really thought of becoming a nun (as she informed me). For instance, Dave and Vivienne did finally break up because of her change-which wasn't all good apparently. Gaining confidence also meant saying a huge goodbye to the old Vivienne and Dave who although never did 'anything' wrong, couldn't handle the change and broke it off with our heroine.

Vivienne then decided to pursue other interests as soon as she was free from Dave's hands-a certain Sex-God (as I was informed) who rode a bike and may have kissed her numerous times until she was flabbergasted and couldn't stop thinking of him. And so with her life changing and everything moving forward for the better, Vivienne found her life finally coming to a sense of security and stability.

With a new love, finally meeting her father and gaining some new family members and of course getting confidence money couldn't even buy, Vivienne Lanter had become popular. It was a deal that no girl, not even a guy would resist, but Vivienne had managed to still stay true to her heart during the process.

-Written by Sean Gregory, Redwood High News.

A/N: Hey Geeklings! Finally, we have come to the end of Becoming Popular and I must admit that it was a superb journey with every single one of you who have supported me and Vivienne from the start! I am honoured that so many of you have taken your time to read and vote and at some points, type out incredibly long comments that made me laugh. I thank you all for reading and sharing Vivienne's every emotion, kiss and time spent with Sean! You all are the most awesome fans who deserve a hug from me :)

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