Chapter 2

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"What?" Matt and I reply in unison.

"We are moving. It has been 2 months. You both hardly eat or sleep or even go and visit with friends. Rae, you pace around the living room in the middle of the night and cry at almost every picture." I look away as his eyes pierce through me. "Matt you have nightmares. I hear you screaming or crying out in the middle of the night for your mom." I slightly glance towards Matty seeing his head down with a tear escaping."Look at yourselves. Look how much weight you have both lost. This is not healthy, and your mother would not want this for you guys! She would also not want me to stand back and watch you guys waste away. So I have decided it's time for a new start. New house, new friends, new pack, new life." My dad replies.

You can tell he cares about us, and he misses Mom. It just hurts that he wants us to start over like it's really going to make a difference. I will still feel empty and broken.

I remember back to mom's death. I couldn't sleep, so I walked downstairs to the kitchen for a bottle of water. I overheard my mom and dad talking. They were both upset and crying. You could see the glistening of their tears against the flames coming off the burning logs in the fireplace.

They heard me coming, and both turned to look at me.

"Come sit babe." My mom says in a hushed tone so as to not wake my brother. "We need to talk."

"What's going on? Why are you guys crying?"

"A fight is coming our way in the near future. A war between all species." Mom replies.

"What? Why?" I ask.

"Because they are searching for something. Something so strong and powerful it could change the balance of power between good and evil. They will all hunt it down to control it for the raw energy and the power it will soon have." My dad says, narrowing his deadly serious gaze squarely into my scared eyes.

"What is it?" I dare ask.

After a long pause and glance between my mom and dad, "It's you, babe." My mom says with full certainty.

Taken back by the response, I jumped up, "Huh? Why would anyone want me? Do you mean someone's going to try and kill me or..." I say pacing in front of the warm fire.

"Rae, sit down." My dad asks in a worried tone.

I was hesitant to sit down, the anxiety building up in the back of my throat. I finally decided to sit back down.

"You remember my friend Rachel from my coven, the one we would occasionally go shopping with?" My mom asks.

"Yes." I replied

"Well, I told her that you are special that I could sense there was something different about you. But I asked her to confirm it. She, of course, agreed. I had asked her to keep it a secret since I didn't want word to get out and have someone coming for you. Word got out due to her big fucking mouth, and my coven had found out. They confronted me about the possibility of a werewolf with powers unknown. I couldn't deny it if course. They knew since as a coven, power combines making the whole much stronger. There was no use in hiding it." She continued. " We did some digging and found a prophecy written in Wiccan text that a woman would be born the rarest breed, a hybrid. Both werewolf and witch, that would come into power on her 18th birthday. It would bring war between all species good and evil. They would fight for her and her potential and the power that would come with her on whichever side or path she took."

I was shocked; I had no clue how to respond to that. A hybrid was rare if there ever was one, and it was normally between wolf and vampire. To keep the balance between the two rivals. But never have I heard of a hybrid wolf and witch. I just didn't know how to respond. My hands and fingers tightly interlaced. I stare at the floor, trying to process the new information. A witch? I mean, seriously. To top it off, I have to worry about who is going to either kill me or take me away from my family and use me.

I feel my dad's hand on my back as I glance over to him. "We will figure this out, babe! You are not alone!"

"There here." My mother says sure and strong the look of determination written over her whole body.

"Who?" I ask frantically, looking around the house.

"Rachel's new coven. The ones who want to take you and use you for dark magic. To control your power and to take over, switching up the roll of dominance. " She replies. "Don't give up and don't give into the darkness for any reason. I always wanted the best for you and Matty. Your father and I both. I'm sorry that it had to be you. But you must prepare yourself now. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner! But it's time!"

My mother rushed to me pulling me into the tightest hug. Tears streaming down her face. To say I was scared was nothing compared to the dread and worry I felt deep in the pit of my stomach. My mother's perfume was strong with a bit of a fruity and floral scent. I took one last whiff before she let go and embraced my dad with a passionate kiss. Normally, I'd be grossed out, but right now, I wasn't the least bit concerned. Focusing on keeping the bile down that was burning my dry throat. I watched as my mother turned and walked out the front door.

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