I'm so sorry

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I'll just keep it simple.

This book is hot garbage. I know I said that I'll try to continue it even if I'm no longer interested in KNY but the truth is, I really can't.

I have no idea where the hell the storyline is going, the writing is shit and I literally have no more motivation.

It feels like a chore now, trying to update this book. I hate it so much but I didn't want to let any of my readers down.

I'll be discontinuing this book. Before that, I'll write a legit ending and the rest will be up for interpretation. You guys can do follow ups, hell you can remake this story but I honestly can't do it anymore.

After I post the ending for this book, I'll be officially discontinuing it.

I know most of my readers came from Hazbin Hotel, Danplan and from this book and frankly it's the most famous one.

Just know that I'm still gonna write so you guys can go check out my other book Avant Garde: a TLOK book, Soccer Maniacs: Inazuma eleven and my one shot book

I might write for other fandoms in the future too.

I'm sorry to all my readers that came for KNY and thank you for those who will still stick around

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