death of a flower ( a criminal minds fanfic)

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Death of a flower

Chapter 1

“Watch this” JJ gestured over to Reid.

“Hey Spence! Read me the line you are on!”  Garcia and Prentiss began to smile.

Spencer cleared his throat. “I led on the bed, flustered in feeling rushing out about to explode. He began to take out his…. I don’t think this is the memoirs of Oscar Wilde!”

“You made him read 50 shades of grey!?”  Emily began to chuckle. “Yep I swapped the cover to the memoirs of Oscar wilde.” JJ laughed. “You evil dirty thing you... I like it!” Garcia said.

Prentiss hit Garcia gently on the arm. “Now, now Garcia!” “Actually…” Reid appeared from behind them. All JJ, Prentiss and Garcia jumped as he was not in the original discussion meaning he heard everything. “…. There is over 1000 shades of grey, why they filed them down to only 50 is beyond me.” Prentiss sat there with her mouth wide open. “You mean there is something that the great Dr Spencer Reid doesn’t know!???.” JJ joined in. “holy crap Spence! Whoa, did you hear that? That was the sound of the earth standing still.” Garcia, Prentiss and JJ stood up and began to walk away. “Ha ha guys ….very…..very funny!” Reid shouted down the hall.

“What’s wrong with you today Reid?” Morgan asked as he went by.

“Oh I only managed to read 3 books last night. Kind of a bummer.” Replied spencer

“Did you just say bummer?”

Reid looked at Morgan confused. “You... You’re redirecting the focus of this discussion to something inferior to the original subject.” Reid complained thinking Morgan was not really listening as much as he’d hoped. Now Morgan was the one who was confused.

“I’m sorry!”

“For what?” replied Reid.

“For asking” Morgan started to walk away toward agent Hotchner’s office.

“Bye then….”  Reid muttered to himself.

Morgan looked beyond the wide open door of special agent Aaron Hotchner’s empty office. “Hey guys, has anyone seen…….”

“Team we have a new case!” Hotch strolled in

“…… never mind.” Garcia, Prentiss and JJ emerged from the corner they had passed not 5 minutes ago.

“Team!” Hotch repeated.

Everyone gathered around the table in the main room. Hotch remained standing as he handed the case files one by one to the teams. “This case cannot be judged by victimology, this far as we have nothing to connect the victims. They are all different genders, hair colours, ages, ethinicity, even cause of death.”

Derek looked at the pictures attached to the file. “They seem to be dressed in 1950s clothing, like out if movies.”

Spencer too turning the page to see the next set of clues. “The previous victim Mary Jane waltz was stabbed, the next two victims were shot, why the change in MO?” he questioned.

“Wait. There is a letter left with the victim’s body.”  Emily said picking up the photocopied piece of paper. “It’s not a letter it’s a script.”Garcia explained.

“They are all from 1950s horror films. First victim Mary Jane, stabbed, dressed as miss Walters from the 1953 film ‘genuine article’ the... The script is the scene when Miss Walters was murdered!” Reid explained standing up to grasp everyone’s attention.  JJ was very interested “how did miss Walters die?” she said already knowing the answer. Spencer looked at JJ “she was stabbed… second victim, josh Perkins, dressed as Harley dolter who was shot in the 1956 film ‘the aggressor’. Lastly 3rd victim Jessica Addams dressed as Josephine Blakely from 1959 film ‘eye candy’ in this film she too was shot.”

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