Chapter 12

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A/N: Hope ya'll don't mind another "early" chapter. :)


The four boys rushed inside the expo, trying to avoid getting soaked by the rain. Island weather could be tumultuous sometimes, and the bottom had fallen out on their walk to meet Kairi and Namine. Luckily, Roxas, the unfortunate self-designated 'mom' of the group, had packed a couple of umbrellas. That hadn't stopped them from running from the rain though.

"Didn't realize we were getting rain today!" exclaimed Axel as he shook the water from his long red locks.

"Looks like no one else did either. The lobby is looking a little dead. Hopefully things will be more lively upstairs." Riku said as he gestured around to the empty main floor. But things were not more lively upstairs. As the group exited the elevator, most of the crowds from the beginning of the weekend had dwindled down to almost no one. Thanks to the empty floor, finding Namine and Kairi was pretty easy.

"Hey guys!" Kairi called. She and Namine made their way over. Kairi's camera equipment was missing today. Sora figured with today being the last day, there probably wasn't much to film. She did, however, have her phone in her hand.

"Get any good pictures today?" Sora asked, pointing at her phone.

Kairi shook her head. "Things are kind of slow today. I thought with this being one of the biggest conventions of the year that even the last day would be busy."

Riku nodded in understanding. "The island weather tends to put a damper on things like this. No one wants to get out in this rain wearing a full cosplay. Not to mention that the expo purposely puts the less popular panels on the last day so there's usually a drop in attendance anyway. But this really is empty in comparison to other expo years..."

"Yeah, there's not much for me to photograph, and the panel I wanted to sit in was canceled." Kairi looked at Namine as if asking her a silent question. Namine shrugged her shoulders but gave her a nod of approval anyway. "I have an idea if everyone is game."

Sora grinned. "Let's hear it. I'm down for anything."

"Want to come back to our hotel? We could just hang out." Kairi asked. Sora could see the excitement in her eyes as she asked.

This would be the perfect way to spend their last day on the island together. There was no hesitation when he told her "Yes, most definitely!"

The rain hadn't let up enough for the group to walk to the girls' hotel so Riku called a taxi service to send a van that could accommodate them all. It didn't take long for the van to get there. In no time at all, they had made it back to Kairi and Namine's large hotel suite.

The boys crowded inside the doorway, looking a bit uncomfortable. Namine shoo'ed them into the living room, and Kairi asked everyone to make themselves comfortable while she and Namine tidied up the kitchen. It was obviously to keep them all from crowding around the kitchen island.

As they started toward the living room, Sora quietly told Riku, Axel, and Roxas to take off their shoes. "Don't make a mess," he warned. Riku rolled his eyes, but Axel and Roxas nodded in acknowledgment. Roxas was the least of Sora's worries. Axel was the messiest of the bunch, which was the primary reason they had never asked him to move in with himself, Riku, and Roxas. All four of them removed their shoes and placed them by the door.

True to his nature, Axel flopped himself onto the couch and put his feet up on the coffee table. Before Sora could say anything, Roxas picked Axel's feet up and dropped them on the floor with a heavy thud. "Ow!" Axel howled.

"Everything okay?" Namine asked, leaning over the kitchen counter on her tiptoes to get a look into the living room. Her small stature did her no favors though. Sora could tell she couldn't see anything.

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