cute imagines for One Direction!

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You are Zayn's girlfriend and u guys haven't really had your fist date. Little did you know Zayn was planing it........

One after noon he came up to you while you were in the kitchen cooking and he slithered his arms around your waste and asks "will you go on a romantic date with me y/n?" You drop whatever your doing and turn around and kiss him and say "yes."

The date:

He laid out a picnic in the park with candles shaped in a heart.He held the basket full of food and held your hand as you walked down to the park. You guys laid out the picnic blanket to sit on. Zayn took out all the food while you looked around to see people walking around like they didn't see Zayn no paps nothing just romantic date with your boyfriend of 2 years. He pulls out PB&J sandwiches which is your favorite. You guys giggled and talked then Zayn asked "Can I ask you a question?" He said with a smile "yes"you say back "I know we're to young for marriage but I can have my promise to you" he pulled out a promise ring and said "Can you promise that your my girl?" You nodded with tears of joy he slithered the beautiful ring you noticed it has I love you and your and Zayns name on the inside and the date you met. you hugged him and said "Zayn I love you and I can promise I will be by your side" you kissed his lips while you guys laid on the blanket looking at the stars.It was now 8 pm so you guys decided to go home and hit the bed. you guys sleep heavenly. Being in his arms made you feel safe

You realized your in love with Zayn Mailk


Hey dollz and pawz with no flawz:D

Okay I probably gave u

You Zayn feels bad but this is romantic! Loved writing this imagine for you.ANYWAY let me know what you think, I'm going to start putting up imagines.! If you want a personal one inbox me or comment on here your name, which boy and what kind of imagine you want dirty,romantic,plot twist etc...


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