Misunderstood ch.1

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I pulled down my dress for the one hundredth time. The pink ruched mini dress hugged my body and went well with my melanated brown skin. The only problem was it didn't compromise with the thighs and ass I was blessed with.

"Tempestt, come take a picture with us." My sister Tokyo yelled.

I don't necessarily like pictures but since she's pregnant and it's her baby shower then I'll take the picture. I walked over to the back drop and stood beside her. Some guy with a durag squatted down in front of me. There were a lot of people in the picture. We took a couple pictures then everyone went back to enjoying the party.

I walked in the kitchen to make me a plate. There was so much to eat and I was really excited. I was gonna get bloated but I didn't care. I got me a plate and started filling it with some of everything. I leaned over the counter and ate my food.

"Damn Tempestt."

I felt a hard smack on my ass. I quickly stood up and rubbed the hurt area.

"Cj. I told you to stop doing that." I said.

Cj is Tokyo's boyfriend friend. Every time he sees me he slaps my ass really hard. I feel like he really wants me to slap the shit out of him.

"I can't help it Tempestt. It's just there and I am tempted to touch it." He said.

"Okay. I'm tempted to stab you but have I did it?" I asked him.

"If you stab me I wouldn't even be mad." He said, smirking.

I rolled my eyes. He's fucking weird.

"Aye man. Don't do that. If you want her you gotta respect her." The guy who came in the kitchen with him.

I think he's the dude who was in front of me for the pictures.

"Thank you- what's your name?" I asked looking at him.

He was pretty tall. Probably like 6'5. I know he played basketball in high school.

"Kingston but call me King." He said

I don't like calling people by their nickname. Except Cj. He gets on my nerves.

"Imma call you Kingston. I'm sure everyone calls you King." I said.

He started staring at me. His eyes would shift up and down indicating he was checking me out. I was doing the same thing to him too. He was just my type. Tall, brown skin, tattoos and based on the Rolex on his arm he got money. I wonder what his job is. After checking each other and me having my little fantasy our eyes made it back to each other. We were kinda having a staring contest except you could blink. The way he was looking at me made me feel some type of way though.

"Tempestt. Tokyo wants you."

Oh thank god. If I stared at him any longer I don't know what would have happened. The way he was staring it was like he was putting spells and shit on me. I hope he didn't.

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