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Hello and welcome.

Okay, I'm just gonna say this, this is my first story here on wattpad, you know what that means? It'll be horrible and least the first 20 chapters or so. Somewhere along the way, I stopped updating this story for like a year and then came back and stopped updating again and then came back.

Point is, this is trash but the middle and end are great. I think.


It begins in the first Avengers movie and from then on it takes its own course.

Meaning that there won't be AoU, or Civil War because there are many comments saying "oof, imagine how civil war will go" when I explicitly said here that it won't happen.

Also, I wrote this like before AoU came out (yah, it's been that long but I only just finished writing this at the end of this last year 2017) so Clintasha will be a thing. And when that movie rolled out I was too lazy to change it up so if you don't like Clintasha, I dunno what to tell you.

Just to clear things up right now, this is a Tony Stark little sister story. There have been confused comments thinking it's a Stony fic or about Coulson's daughter. It's not.


There will be a lot of FRIENDS references. I mean A LOT.

And a lot of FRIENDS inspired chapters.

Popular sayings that fandoms have claimed as their own.


You may go on and read my cringy writing from when I was 15, or 16. Don't really remember how old I was when I wrote this.

Oh well.       

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