Harry Styles Dirty Imagines

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"Harry, Put me down!" I exclaimed banding onto his back pleading for him to put me down, his strength was superior compared to mine so I gave up trying to get down from his shoulder

"Y/N you're going to regret what you did" He hissed at me "You're mine, not Louis mine" he stated

"Harry we didn't do anything, Why are you so god damn over protective?" I argued back. He flung me down onto the bed causing me to grunt, he treated me like a rag doll pretty literally.

"I'm not over protective" He stares back at me and clenched his jaw so his defined jaw line was even more defined.

"Harry, he hugged me and you punched him in the face? He's your bestfriend are you stupid?" I replied aggressively standing up from the bed

"He was grinding on you, he wasn't hugging you" He came so close up into my face, I tried to make distance between me and the raging boy stood in front of me, this was a familiar face and mood coming from Harry,he's always been so over protective over me and it frustrates him even if I get looked at by another boy.

"Harry he didn't grind on me for fuck sake" I lost it "you just need to grow up Harry Styles, do you know that? I don't punch people for hugging you now do I? You hospitalised your best-" I was cut off my his lips crashing into mine, I pushed him by his broad shoulders away from me and stared at him in disgust

"So this is what you think will happen, you'll kiss me and then everything will be fine? No Harry, not this time, you really fucking annoyed me this time" I said pushing against him and heading for the door.

He grabbed me by my hand pulling and twisting my skin

"Harry you're hurting me" I exclaimed fighting trying to realise my arm from his aggressive touch, he picked me up and chucked me back onto the bed and walked over to the door

"Harry let me out right now" I spat at him

"No, you need to be punished"

I felt the hairs at the back of my neck stand as "punished" was realised from his lips. I didn't know what I had in store. He closed to door and locked it with the small latch and made his way over the the bedside draw and pulled out a stick and a pair of hand cuffs.

I knew what my punishment was.

"Harry don't please I'm begging you, please Harry no please" I pleaded

He placed one finger to my lips which startled me completely.

"Stay here" he demanded and left and went to the on suit.

Here was my chance

I ran for the door and unlatched it

"Y/N" Harry screamed with his eyes dark staring into my soul hypnotising me. I stood frozen still pushing my body against the open oak door closing it to close again.

He placed his two hands beside either side of my neck, he slid one hand back down to the latch and re closed it

"You've been a really bad girl Y/N" he whispered into my ear as his hot breath trailed down to my neck as he left light kisses on my neck, I bit my lip in approval.

He licked the area and sucked on it for a while till the skin was all sore from his hard sucking on the area leaving a mark

"Now everyone will know you're mine" he whispered trailing kissed up to my ear

"Harry" I moaned

"Jump" he whispered

I listened to his command and did what I was told, I wrapped my legs around his long framed as he pushed himself into me holding me up by my thighs as he pressed his large hands into my legs leaving small dents in my thigh as the skin just pinged back, as i began to scratch his back and kiss his neck he carried me over to the bed,my lips never left his neck.