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Pen Your Pride

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE HARRY POTTER CHARACTERS!!!! ALL GO TO JK ROWLING!! i only own Elisa and some first years..... enjoy!

Authors note: hey guys! this is my first fan fiction!! I'm kinda nervous!! please comment,and tell me what i can do...give me ideas!!! please!!!!!!! thanks.....ENJOY!!!


 My name is Elisa. Elisa Potter. I'm sixteen and yes, I'm the famous Harry Potters sister. And this is my untold story......


 I sat crisscrossed on a cotton stuffed pillow, meditating. My long, raven black hair hung on my shoulders. Suddenly, i heard a rustle and a low growl. Slowly, i opened my emerald eyes. I slowly stood up. I walked cautiously to Nana Annabella's house.

Annabella Rose had been my nana for all my life and had trained me in my wizarding and vampire studies(and yes, I'm a vampire). She had saved me frombeingkilled fifteen years ago. My brother,Harry Potter, is the only family i have left and i didn't even know him. I had only spent 13 months with him!

~Flash back~

I was sitting in my crib alongside my brother, watching out parents dance and cook dinner.A knock came from the front door. The music was turned off and my father answered it. A woman with silver-blond hair and pale eyes walked in.

Quietly, she whispered something in to my fathers ear. "NO!" My father said."You can't have her! She's safe here and that's final." My mother came to his side."James? What's going on?"

"I'm sorry, Lily!James,"Annabella said. "I must take Elisa.It's whats best for her."  Lily's voice was a sqeak now."James,no! Please,Annabella, don't!

"Please don't make this difficult,Lily."Replied Annabella."Its whats best! And you knew this day would come.When Dumbledoresentthe letter about her being a vampire, you both knew that someone would have to take her!" James sighed."She's right,Lily.She needs training but we can't do it.Annabella has to." Tears were streaming down my mothers beautiful face."o-ok,J-james.B-but promise m-me something Annabella.''

"Anything,Lily,"Annabella said. Lily got close to Annabella with a threatening look."If you let anything happen to my little girl,I'll kill you! Do you swear a wizards oath to keep her safe?" Annabella stood there very calm."I give you my word,Lily.I would die before any harm would touch her,"she replied with an honest face. My mothers face softened as she knew her baby girl was safe with Annabella.Mother walked over to my crib,picked me up and held me in a tight embrace.My father took me and kissed my forehead, my mother leaned over and kissed my cheek. They took my over to were Harry was and my mother took Harry out and he held out his hand. I took it and we said our goodbyes by holding hands.

When our goodbye was over,my father walked over to were Annabella was standing, dabbing her eyes.He handed me to Annabella, tears in his eyes.

~Flash back ends~

 I walked into the house very quietly,trying not to wake Annabella,she would kill me is she saw i was out so late!!! When i opened the back door, guess whose waiting? Nonother than Annabella herself!! "Oh! Hi,Nana!" I said ,hoping she would just forget that I was outside so late.

"Elisa! Don't you play games with me! Why were you outside so late?" She asked in a firm voice. "Oh my Goddess! I was just meditating!"I replied.

 "Don't take that tone with my!" Annabella warned.

 "Fine, I'm sorry," I replied.I turned and headed up the two flights os stairs.When I reached my room, i was to tired to get in sleep wear and fell to my bed, instantly asleep.

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