A bit of vampire history...

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Any questions? This page is for the use of fans questions, I will be happy to answer them, please post in the comments.

Let’s begin with the Vandeguard family

Walter Theo Vandeguard + Lila Ann Islatica = Salandra Martha Vandeguard

Walter and Lila met on an assassination mission for the 25th pope of vampiristic catholic , after saving each other’s lives, this being in their reports, they are arranged into marriage by their parents. The Vandeguard family has been around since the late 1500’s, possibly since the first mention of vampires. This family name has been carried on by the bloody slayers for centuries.

Now what about those two brothers…

Russell Sloan Maximillan + Lousia Riley Lyden =

Jace Michael Maximillan and Rayas Alexander Maximillan

(both brothers are older than they look)

Russell met Lousia in London, England…in 1913. There he used the poor girl as his blood donor for several years until forcefully marrying her. Jace was conceived in a back alley, Lousia chained to the fence at the time. Rayas was a whim and request of Lousia.

Russell (rebel leader to overthrow royal family)

Lousia (servant of royal family)

The twins if you didn’t know…

Lyland Rowan Wayne + Sherry Eliza  Colile a.k.a. (Candy)= Galen Klyde Wayne

Jeffery Isaac O’ryan + Sherry Eliza Colile a.k.a. (Candy) = Adrian Jospeh O’ryan

These two wonderful boys were conceived at a lovely stripper club in Las Vegas, Sherry, being incredibly attractive as a virgin stripper, caught the attention of two horny teen vamps and had a threesome in the nearest open VIP room.

About Angel…

Angel Rose-Ann Marie Darling, who is this chick? The one that Adrian was obsessed over at the beginning, the one he was willing to trade for Skyler? This happens to be Skyler’s great grandmother. Yep, Adrian dated a 200 year old. Unfornately for the Vandeguard family, Angel was cut from the family because of her bastard birth, born a halfie, Skyler being the spitting image and never being told of her grandmother.

The world as we know it…

Most countries are controlled either by vampire or slayer kind, little is known about as to why the war began as the royal vampire family was peaceful, not seeking any disruption. All that is known is that the war began in 1700 century Italy and has not ceased since. There is a deliberate boundary line, if crossed the person is shot dead. Major cities belong to vampires, most European countries belong to slayers. Very few countries remain neutral.

A little bit about changlings:

1. catch a brilliant blue flame when dead

2. can match any DNA of any person or animal

3. mate 4 life

4. highest of the food chain

5. prey: solstice vampires

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