The man and her walked down the darkened hallway, the candles on the wall reflected off of the blade of a thin long handled battle axe that he welded in hand like one would a wand. Maybe Olnenus would grant some luck for a change and he'd miss... that thing surely was flimsy. His features were hidden in the deep hood as he came up to the cell door. She quivered with the pressure struggling to keep from lunging, sweat wet her palms. This had to be a joke right? He's so tall and skinny, honestly, Kar should've sent down someone with more oomph! Still, all the better to get out fast. Thank you, Olnenus!

He unlocked the cell door it creaked as he pushed it open, a shining stand of curly red hair fell out from the hood, a hawk like nose jutted out before those hateful green eyes.

The pot clattered as it dropped, she backed away everything was sour again, must have displeased Olenus. "Damn you Kar."

He grinned, rolling the axe in his hand, it shrunk and thinned back into a wand. "Good morning pet, want some kibble?" He giggled that freaky giggle.

A cold streak ran up her neck, she suppressed a shiver. "I won't be mocked!" She lunged at him, her arm pulled back into a sweaty fist, aiming for his adam's apple. That'll shut him up.

"Stop it!" He grabbed her by her wrist and whipped her down on the floor, the air burst from her lungs. "Ooof!" She hissed, "how do you do it? It's impossible for a human to be this strong."

He yanked on her wrist dragging her to his knees, "I never said I was human."

She stared at him. "What are you talking about?"

"The Elders couldn't just rely on one lone Adapt to fetch Unnamed, you didn't think that did you?" He pulled her upright close to his face, "look at me, I mean really look at me." He moved the hair away from his ears, and tucked it behind them they lengthened to long and thin pointed ears that spanned past his skull a good inch.

"You'll do as I tell you now little pet before I drag your obnoxious self over a cliff and take care of the sad excuse for a god myself!" He squeezed her wrist a little more.

She sniffed, "you honestly think I give a scorpo rats ass if you're a nobleman or not?"

"I was hoping it would make this easier, and you'd come quietly." He shifted his arm and pulled a scroll out of his robe while still holding her wrist with the other.

He's way too polite all of a sudden.

He let go of her wrist and handed it to his back stiff and shoulders up, a blank look on his face.

Just what did it say? Was it a bomb? She snatched it from him and rolled it open slowly. A metal object fell from inside and clanked on the floor. Eying him she bent down and picked up, then continued opening the school.

"I don't have all day get on with it," he scrunched his eyebrows together glaring.

Tugging on it the scroll rolled the rest of the way open, she flinched. It didn't explode, just words. Thankfully.

Merryn Dentree, hopefully by the time you receive this letter it won't be too late. After you had left to start your mission the circumstances for this mission have changed, as suspicious activities have been uncovered by several of the Elders shadow guards. I have reason to believe that the Book of Perdicion was previously weakened to allow the escape of the god. Yes, I know what happened as Kar sent full reports, trust in him his methods are harsh but he's loyal to the Elders. I dare not say much more just be careful who you trust and get back home soon.

Stay well, Henry

She breathed in deep and went over to him, "So, now what?"

"That my dear, is the question isn't it?" Kar ginned.

Leaning against the cold brick wall she tilted her head, not really looking at anything, "he really expects me to work with you?"

"Don't get me wrong, I can't stand you, but orders are orders," He turned legs and arms stiff and went up the stairs," hurry up."

Swallowing a retort she followed him. This was going to be a bad week. A brick on the wall crumbled just above his head and fell out. A snout and whiskered face peeked out. "Master!"

Was that Rush?

Facing her, "didn't I tell you to stay upstairs?" He pointed up, "go on!"

"But, master I found it! I followed them and hid real good. I stealed it. I'm a good girl right?" Her little eyes gleamed as she held out a thin rectangular box.

Kar scowled, and pulled her out of the hole setting her on a step, "Found what? I didn't say to steal, just watch and report, perhaps that was too much for you Rush?"

Her eyes darkened, and she lowered her head trembling, "not good?" she squeaked.

"It's alright, you can give it back," she blurted out. Rush was one of the more disgusting scorpo-rats, but she still had feelings.

Kar turned, squeezing her shoulder then let go, "stay out of this," his lips curled a little.

Her energy dropped again, and she walked past the two and sat on a step.

Decided to finish this?

As of yet, no, but if you wish it...


Then don't ask, child.

He took the box from Rush, came over and yanked her up, "Get up. If it's draining you that badly we don't have long. Keep moving."

"Master?" Her voice wavered.

"You did a stupid thing, now they know they are being followed. Bad girl, get up here!"

Rush didn't move.

Kar rolled his eyes, and stomped a foot, "I'm not going to hit you when have I ever hit you? Stop that and get up here."

Pulling back up Merryn stumbled up the stairs. The fully rested times were becoming shorter now if any other had been possessed by the god they would have died long ago. Meh, a thousand worlds, meh!

Now, now, 'pet.' I like that pet, that'll be your new nickname. Unnamed chuckled.

Like hell it is!

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