Lola's POV
"This is my mate Cole, Alpha of the Silver Claw pack"
Lauren looked at me shocked "Are you fucking shitting me?!" She screamed and grabbed me into a hug "I'm so happy for you baby sister!"

We pulled away and she ran to Cole, pulling him into a bone crushing hug "You're my baby brother now too, and if you hurt her I will fucking stab you and kill you so badly" she told him dead serious, I saw the fear in his eyes and I laughed lightly. I gave him a quick kiss "It's okay Hun just don't hurt me" I smirk at him.

Cole pulls me closer to him and kisses me softly "I would never do that princess, now let's go" we intertwine our fingers and Lauren leads us into the pack house.
She lead us into the living room and everything looked exactly the same as it was when I left, me and Cole sat on the sofa. "So Lauren me and Cole have something important to tell you" I looked at her nervously and Cole gave me an encouraging nod.

"I'm pregnant, with twins"

She didn't say anything just stared at me. 'Fudge Cole, she hates me now' I minds linked him
'Don't overreact Lola, I think she's just shocked'

She stared for a few more minutes then just jumped up screaming "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK! You're pregnant! Ahhhhh I'm going to be a Aunt!" I smiled at her and showed her my bump " I'm a few months along"

"And there's something else also" Cole says softly "Lauren I want you, your mother and Aaron to join the Silver Claw pack. Lola misses you so much and it pains me to see my Luna upset" Lauren stops smiling and stumbles back to her seat "What? I-I can't leave my pack" she whispers.
"Yes you can Lauren, this pack is not great and you know how they treated me. Please come back with us." She looks at me for a long time
"Umm I-I, okay I'll join your pack" she finishes the sentence with a smile.

"Is that Lola?! Urgh she's still as ugly as she was before!"

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